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2000-2004 Dodge Durango Radiator Cooling Fan Assembly (OEM #52030033AC)

Fits: 00 2000, 01 2001, 02 2002, 03 2003, 04 2004
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Dealer Price: $257.00
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 Notes Electric Fan Assembly; W/4.7L OHC V8 Engine; W/o Shrouds
 PartsLink #  CH3115119
 Reference #  10810
 Replacement OEM #   52030033AC
 Other Supplier Part #s DEPO #: 334-55012-100
TYC #: 620880
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Jon Strunk
Jon Strunk

A couple of years ago (2009) I purchased a replacement radiator cooling fan for my wife's '04 Saturn Ion. Go-Parts.com had the cheapest I could find anywhere and I was able to quickly locate it based on the original OEM part number. To have the work done by a shop would have cost me over $800 and taken a couple of days. I purchased the OEM replacement fan from Go-Parts.com for just under $100 and did the work in about an hour. The fan worked perfectly for about 2 years and then it started acting up. I went back to Go-Parts.com and found out the item had a limited lifetime warranty. I contacted customer service about the warranty and started the process without any hassle. I simply purchased a replacement from the website, sent the old broken one back to Go-Parts in the box that the new one came in with pre-paid shipping by Go-Parts and was refunded the purchase price of the replacement fan. In the end, 3 years later I still have a working cooling fan and I've only ever had to pay the original purchase and shipping. The prices are great and the customer service is excellent. I definitely look for parts on Go-Parts.com before looking anywhere else.

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Dodge Durango Replacement Cooling Fans

Dodge is an American automaker that is operated by Chrysler. Over the years, Dodge has managed to improve its reputation by delivering consistent, powerful vehicles to the marketplace. The Dodge Durango, which was released in 1998, is a mid-size SUV that carries many of the same aesthetic features as the automaker's larger truck designs. The Durango delivers the towing capacity that many crave by offering up a V8 Magnum engine that has the ability to handle steep inclines, even with a trailer in tow. The popular SUV is now in its third design generation.

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