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2001-2004 Toyota Tacoma Tail Light Driver Side (OEM #81560-04060)

Fits: 01 2001, 02 2002, 03 2003, 04 2004
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Dealer Price: $140.82
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 PartsLink #  TO2800139
 Reference #  15503
 Replacement OEM #  81560-04060
 Side  Left (Driver)
 Other Supplier Part #s Eagle Eyes #: TY686-B000L
DEPO #: 312-1935L-AS
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»  Packaging is secure to prevent shipping damage
»  As good as or better than the original OEM part
»  Easy to install - just bolt it right on
»  DOT/SAE Certified




Part Applications:
2001-2002 Toyota Tacoma DLX Standard Cab Pickup 3.4 L, 6 Cylinders
2001-2004 Toyota Tacoma S-Runner Extended Cab Pickup 3.4 L, 6 Cylinders
2001-2001 Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner Extended Cab Pickup 2.7 L, 4 Cylinders
2002-2003 Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner Extended Cab Pickup 3.4 L, 6 Cylinders
2003-2003 Toyota Tacoma DLX Extended Cab Pickup 3.4 L, 6 Cylinders
2004-2004 Toyota Tacoma Pre Runner Standard Cab Pickup 3.4 L, 6 Cylinders
2004-2004 Toyota Tacoma Base Standard Cab Pickup 2.4 L, 4 Cylinders

This tail light fits the following vehicles:

(01 2001, 02 2002, 03 2003, 04 2004)

Ellen DeAngelis
Ellen DeAngelis

I was in need of a new passenger side mirror on my 2004 Honda Element, seems my son didn't see the large pole he was parking next too. I checked with the local Honda dealer and was flabbergasted by the cost of the part and installation - nearly $400!! Additionally, the dealer didn't have the part in stock and it would be 1-2 weeks until they got one. The mirror didn't look all that difficult to remove and install, so I did some web surfing to find the part elsewhere. Go-part.com came up in my first search. The website was really easy to maneuver through and in a very short time I had found the mirror I needed at a very reasonable cost!! I ordered the part and within 2 days it was delivered to my home. The installation instructions were very easy follow and within 10 minutes I had removed my old mirror and replaced it with my new mirror!! Go-part.com had even suggested I record the installation and submit to them, but I didn't have anyone to hold the camera while I worked. I have recommended this site to many of my friends who need parts for their cars.

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Toyota Tacoma Tail Lights

The highly trained and friendly staff at Go-Parts will make sure that your tail lights will be delivered to you safely and securely, and all tail lights - and other parts - are manufactured to meet OEM requirements. With market-leading suppliers such as KOYO, TYC and DEPO among those that make the parts Go-Parts supply, you can rest assured that you are getting quality replacement parts fit for your Tacoma.

Overall good experience
5 / 5 stars
Written by: The Real MC
Hello! I enjoyed my first experience with the website. I found the part I was looking for quickly. Checking out and specifically entering payment was simple and seemed secure. I found the mirror I was looking for,For my 2008 sentra but needed a bumper tooAnd I noticed mirrors seemed to be the only exterior body stuff. Maybe get some bumpers too!
5 / 5 stars
Written by: Annie
Using the site was easy and displaying pictures of the actual product helped sway my decision.
5 / 5 stars
Written by: Zenith2

Average Rating: 4.8 of 5 stars
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