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04-06 Chrysler Pacifica Window Regulator Assembly Power (Front Right)

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 Notes Front Right Side; Cable Mechanism. High Quality TYC Brand.
 Part #  WR9001255
 Reference #  49630
 Replacement OEM #  

Shuan Mosa
Shuan Mosa

I think with you it was nice to do business, because of great customer service fast delivery and the price is good. And I will continue to use your service if I need something.

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Chrysler Pacifica Replacement Window Regulators

Chrysler, an American automaker, has always catered to the interests of North American consumers. However, at times, some decisions have hindered the company's expansion efforts. Case in point - the Chrysler Pacifica. The Pacifica is an SUV crossover model that was first offered up to consumers in 2003 for the 2004 model year. Established on one of the automaker's minivan platforms, the design was stylish and comfortable. However, because Chrysler was certain that the marketplace needed another “high-end” luxury model in the crossover class, it positioned the vehicle with a high price point. This gamble was one that would ultimately lead to the Pacifica's demise.

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