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1989-1995 Toyota Pickup Front Signal Light Driver Side (OEM #81520-89134)

Fits: 89 1989, 90 1990, 91 1991, 92 1992, 93 1993, 94 1994, 95 1995
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Dealer Price: $51.80
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 PartsLink #  TO2520105
 Reference #  16970
 Replacement OEM #  81520-89134
 Side  Left (Driver)
 Other Supplier Part #s Eagle Eyes #: TY425-B000L
DEPO #: 312-1609L-AS
»  Each product conforms to US Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
»  All products are brand new, NOT used or refurbished
»  Packaging is secure to prevent shipping damage
»  As good as or better than the original OEM part
»  Easy to install - just bolt it right on
»  DOT/SAE Certified




This part fits the following Toyota Pickup submodels:
BASE, DLX, RN01, RN02, SHT BD DLX EXC, SR5 Turn Signal Light

Sarah Samuelson
Sarah Samuelson

When I was looking for a rear lamp for my Jeep Liberty I was amazed to find that the prices at Go-Parts.com were so much cheaper than any place else on line! Almost half the the price! I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. But, I decided to go for it. I called Go-Parts.com and was amazed at the fast and friendly service I received! As a woman, that is important to me! They treated me like I was their most important customer, answered all my questions, and my order arrived on time and in great condition. Even though, Go-Parts.com is an "internet company," it feels like your corner auto parts store when you talk to them -- maybe better -- they actually take time to talk to you! They are the first and only place I go for auto parts now. I can't recommend Go-Parts.com enough!

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