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90-93 Honda Accord Side View Mirror Driver

Fits: 90 1990, 91 1991, 92 1992, 93 1993
Honda Accord Sedan
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Dealer Price: $200.32
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All mirrors come in basic, black plastic color.
Before purchasing this product, and to make sure this item will fit your vehicle.
please check the NOTES section and COMPABILITY info tab below.

 Notes 4dr Sedan; Manual; Fold-away; Black; Accord DX/EX/LX/SE/10th Anniversary
 PartsLink #  HO1320106
 Reference #  12564
 Replacement OEM #  76250-SM4-A02
 Side  Left (Driver)
 Other Supplier Part #s TYC #: 4700112
»  Power mirrors come with the housing, mirror glass, wiring, and connector
»  Manual mirrors come with the housing and mirror glass
»  Each product conforms to federal safety standards (FMVSS-111)
»  All products are brand new, NOT used or refurbished
»  Easy to install - just connect it and bolt it right on
»  Packaging is secure to prevent shipping damage
»  As good as or better than the original OEM part




Part Applications:
1990-1993 Honda Accord EX Coupe 2.2 L, 4 Cylinders Mirror
(90, 1991, 1992, 93)
1990-1990 Honda Accord LX Sedan 2.2 L, 4 Cylinders Mirror
1990-1993 Honda Accord DX Sedan 2.2 L, 4 Cylinders Mirror
(90, 1991, 1992, 93)
1991-1992 Honda Accord EX Wagon 2.2 L, 4 Cylinders Mirror
(91, 92)
1991-1991 Honda Accord LX Wagon 2.2 L, 4 Cylinders Mirror
1991-1991 Honda Accord SE Sedan 2.2 L, 4 Cylinders Mirror
1992-1993 Honda Accord LX Coupe 2.2 L, 4 Cylinders Mirror
(92, 93)
1992-1992 Honda Accord DX Coupe 2.2 L, 4 Cylinders Mirror
1993-1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe 2.2 L, 4 Cylinders Mirror
1993-1993 Honda Accord 10th Anniversary Sedan 2.2 L, 4 Cylinders Mirror

This part fits the following Honda Accord submodels:

Sarah Samuelson
Sarah Samuelson

When I was looking for a rear lamp for my Jeep Liberty I was amazed to find that the prices at Go-Parts.com were so much cheaper than any place else on line! Almost half the the price! I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. But, I decided to go for it. I called Go-Parts.com and was amazed at the fast and friendly service I received! As a woman, that is important to me! They treated me like I was their most important customer, answered all my questions, and my order arrived on time and in great condition. Even though, Go-Parts.com is an "internet company," it feels like your corner auto parts store when you talk to them -- maybe better -- they actually take time to talk to you! They are the first and only place I go for auto parts now. I can't recommend Go-Parts.com enough!

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The place to go, without any doubt, is Go-Parts.com, where we draw on many years of experience in the trade, plus stock that covers many hundreds of vehicles, to provide you with the Honda Accord side mirrors to keep your Honda running.

My friend told me about your website.. Se was very pleased with prices & product
5 / 5 stars
Written by: May
After looking at multiple sites, i bought my product from this website because it was the cheapest by far.
5 / 5 stars
Written by: bp
Overall good experience
5 / 5 stars
Written by: The Real MC
Hello! I enjoyed my first experience with the website. I found the part I was looking for quickly. Checking out and specifically entering payment was simple and seemed secure. I found the mirror I was looking for,For my 2008 sentra but needed a bumper tooAnd I noticed mirrors seemed to be the only exterior body stuff. Maybe get some bumpers too!
5 / 5 stars
Written by: Annie

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