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When Honda set out to create a luxury line of automobiles in 1986, Acura was born. While the brand is quite popular in North America, Asian markets have only gotten a fraction of the attention from Acura, given the economic issues arising due to the global economic meltdown throughout the 2000s. Relying on sleek designs and Honda's reputation as an elite automaker, the Acura line quickly caught on with those seeking luxury sedans. A rebirth of sorts occurred when several of the Acura models began to enjoy popularity with a younger demographic, given their propensity for aftermarket modifications.

Initially releasing the Legend and the Integra, Acura capitalized on two markets simultaneously. The Acura Legend became an industry-favorite, as those seeking a high-quality sedan were intrigued by the automobile's sleek design and reliable mechanics. The Acura Integra, on the other hand, brought a similar design in a “coupe” package, catering to a younger audience.

The slogan “Acura. Precision Crafted Performance” did wonders for the brand, as the initial releases in 1986 caught the attention of the entire industry. As time progressed, the V-Tec engine eventually entered the picture, only furthering interest in an already surging Acura label.

In an effort to ensure that the success would not be short-lived, Acura followed up the Legend and Integra with new, even sleeker models that would eventually become the staple of the automaker's sales figures. The TL series, a sedan much in the image of the Legend but dramatically updated, would help to hold Acura among the top luxury sedan makers in the world. But, it wasn't until the Acura NSX (sometimes also branded as the Honda NSX) hit the streets that people truly began to appreciate the experimental approach that Honda was taking with the Acura name.
The NSX brought all of the styling that popular European sports cars utilized without any of the costly repair issues. While parts and labor were a bit more for NSX owners, they still paled in comparison to Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Mercedes repairs. Though the NSX never truly caught on with American drivers, many can still be seen on the road today. When properly cared for, the NSX can turn heads much like any other elite sports car model.

Acura enjoys moderate success even today, as their luxury goals are still exhibited in their Acura ZDX (a sporty SUV) and the latest Acura TL releases.
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