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Audi, which was acquired by Volkswagen AG in 1966, is a German automaker that has earned a reputation for creating luxurious sedans. Originating from a business dispute between August Horch and his associates in 1909, the company was branded as Audi in 1910 with the first automobile, the Type B, entering the marketplace the same year.

By rapidly expanding the Audi brand after the plants were used for military manufacturing during WW2, Audi enjoyed interest from investors throughout the 1950's. With capital now backing a respected German automaker, it didn't take long for the brand to become an international icon.
Today, the Audi moniker is operated by the Volkswagen Group, and includes all international Audi releases, the popular motorcycle maker Ducati, and Autogerma.


Breaking into the industry showcasing sedans, Audi has established itself by supplementing its A-series sedan line with the R8 and TT sports couples, and the Q-series SUVs. The S and RS lines combine a sporty coupe styling with the class and comfort expected from Audi A-series sedans. This alone has helped to elevate the brand, and allow it to become one of the world's most popular automakers.

Future expansions are expected in the “electric” realm, as the German automaker is doing what it can to keep a finger on the pulse of consumers. With interest in breaking away from the soaring gas prices, Audi seems poised to find ways to deliver performance without a gasoline engine. While there are few details regarding the direction of the electric concepts, early indications point to there being an electric sport coupe on the way.

Go-Parts.com specializes in auto parts for manufacturers from around the globe, and Audi-owners can find everything they need via our platform. With incredible customer service, and an easy to use interface, you can have the parts you need delivered right to your front door!

From sedans to rally sports cars, Audi has been an automotive staple for more than a century. Because it is an international brand, repairs can be costly, which is why locating and purchasing discount, yet reliable, auto parts is imperative to keeping your Audi on the road. Let Go-Parts.com help you keep the cars you love running smoothly. When an Audi runs as it did the day it was created, it can hold its value better than many other brands - make sure yours does too!
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