Compromise on the Horizon in Massachusetts – Dealerships, RTR Coalition Agree

The Right to Repair Coalition has made its presence felt in Massachusetts, as dealerships across the state are now working to compromise with the group regarding the wording of the upcoming legislation that is being put to a vote in November.  MSADA, the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association, understands the gravity of the “Right to Repair Act”, and is working with the RTR Coalition to protect its own interest while seemingly giving up the fight to some extent.  The bill, which ensures that auto owners have the right to have their vehicles repaired by anyone they deem fit, can strike a significant blow to dealership repair shops.


There are several things to consider in the bill, which is expected to pass, as nearly 25,000 employees work at state dealerships.  And, if the bill passes as expected, any automaker that refuses to comply with the legislation will lose its license to sell vehicles in the state.  The MSADA understands that the risk of losing sales licenses far outweighs the passing of the bill, which is why a “turnabout” has occurred within the industry.


Coalition representative Art Kinsman expressed the organization’s appreciation for the MSADA’s efforts to resolve the situation formally:  “We are especially pleased that the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association has joined us in pushing for a legislative solution to the Right to Repair issue.  At the heart of it, Right to Repair has always been about fairness in creating a level playing field between the car and truck manufacturers, franchise new car dealers, and their independent counterparts in the aftermarket.”


The efforts being witnessed by BOTH sides of the Right to Repair argument signal a compromise that could ultimately protect consumer repair rights and the employment of 32,000 independent repair jobs across the state of Massachusetts.


We’ll revisit this topic soon, as updates will assuredly be coming.  However, for the time being, it appears that consumers have struck a significant blow to dealership repair facilities.


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