Go-Part.com Debuts VIN # Verification System




Our team has always done its best to ensure transparency in every aspect of our business.  And, while there are unfortunate instances of the need for restocking fees, many are paying these with other providers without realizing it.


Several companies factor “loss” into their prices, meaning that ALL customers are paying a few percentage points more in price to compensate for the “average losses” in a quarter or year.  We, on the other hand, do not ask every customer to absorb these losses, and instead, attribute the costs associated with “loss” WHEN and ONLY WHEN they apply to a particular situation.


We have never enjoyed this aspect of the business, and do not make a profit on these fees.


But, we have just launched something that will change everything for our customers – VIN # Verification!


Upon checking out, patrons will now be prompted to double-check the items in their cart using the vehicle’s VIN # to ensure that all parts selection will, indeed, fit their vehicle.  All parts that WILL fit are highlighted in green.  Those that WILL NOT are highlighted in red.  Parts that have been verified will not be subjected to any restocking fees, because we know that any return is not due to an ordering error.


vin number verification


Again, we believe in transparency, and are excited to share this technology with our customers.  Because we are always working to improve your experience, we sincerely hope that our customers find this step to be convenient, as it will assuredly help us keep our incredibly low prices intact!


Thank you to everyone to patronizes our organization, and we look forward to meeting your automotive needs for many years to come.


The Go-Part.com Team


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