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Bavarian Motor Works, known to the auto industry as BMW, is a German automaker that has enjoyed a surge in motorcycles, as well. With reliable performance engines as the heart of their auto's design, the first vehicles rolled out of BMW manufacturers in 1917. Originally emerging as an airplane manufacturer for Germany during WW1, the Versailles Armistice Treaty permanently relegated BMW as an auto manufacturer.

Based in Munich, BMW also operates the luxury automaker Rolls-Royce. Additionally, they release motorcycles under the Husqvarna banner, which helps to allow them some experimentation for their own BMW cycle designs. Since the company's auto-making inception in the early 20th century, BMW has enjoyed substantial popularity, as their luxury sedans, coupes, and SUVs remain among some of the most popular models in the word.

Popular Models

While some automakers use catchy names to distinguish one model from another, BMW instead relies on simple numerical tags. From the 1 Series to the ever popular 5 Series, BMW designs “executive” sedans that bathe owners in luxury while giving quite a performance when out on the open road. The sporty Z Series Roadster, X Series SUV/Crossover, and the M Series sports sedans have catapulted BMW into the highest echelon of automakers.

Today, BMWs are seen on roads across the globe, and racing enthusiasts will likely see the iconic round logo on anything from Formula One racing teams to Motorsports participants, which sends a reminder to the industry that while the luxury sedan may be the staple of BMWs line, the organization began as a mechanical juggernaut, and their engines should be taken seriously.

With most BMW models still in production, the future prospects for the automaker seem strong. With a diverse auto lineup and deep roots in a variety of motor sports, BMW continues to combine elegance and power, making the recognizable logo one of the most-trusted in the industry.

Go-Parts.com has the BMW parts you need to keep your vehicle running perfectly. Because German engineering produces reliable cars that can last for much longer than other automaker options, making repairs to your BMW makes much more sense than simply discarding it for another. With our parts listing and helpful customer care team at your side, you can find affordable parts and have them shipped directly to your home or office. It's the epitome of convenience, and you'll have everything you need to keep any model BMW performing beautifully.
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