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Operated by General Motors, Cadillac is the second-oldest American automaker behind only Buick, another GM subsidiary. Long known as the epitome of class and luxury in the auto industry, Cadillac was established in 1902 by Henry M. Leland, a businessman with a passion for mechanical engineering. The Cadillac name is derived from Detroit's founder, Antoine Laumet de La Mothe.

In its first decade of existence, Cadillac enjoyed global recognition, given the brand's propensity for interchangeable parts, and high-quality V8 engines. Receiving awards in Europe and the United States helped to propel the luxury automaker to the top of the industry. Cadillac's slogan “Standard of the World” is a direct reflection on the organization's collection of accolades.

Today, Cadillac still enjoys a niche market in the United States, though, much like Buick, international sales help to keep the organization moving forward, and interest in markets such as China continue to fuel the innovation and luxury designs released currently.

Popular Models

When we consider the luxury automobile, nearly every automaker is trying to enjoy the same success that Cadillac has maintained in the niche for more than a century. Continuing to develop new ways to pamper the driver and deliver a superior driving experience for owners, the brand now offers several unique models that cater to nearly every automotive category. From the XTS and CTS sports sedans to the CTS-model coupes, Cadillac has done a wonderful job of reinventing their brand time and again. The Escalade has enjoyed long-tenured interest, though recent fuel cost considerations have hurt the overall sales significantly. The SRX Crossover is a perfect blend of style and luxury, allowing the driver to get everything they need from an SUV without sacrificing performance.

The sporty V-Series helps to round out the Cadillac line and give enthusiasts a variety of options when considering one of the most recognizable “shields” in the automotive industry. The brand exudes class and style, which makes it one of the elite luxury brands in the world. Powerful engines, a fully-loaded interior, and sleek designs continue to drive sales, solidifying the future prospects of the organization.

Go-Parts.com has parts for a wide variety of Cadillac models. Performance is the key when owning a Cadillac, and when your vehicle is properly maintained, the overall quality of the Michigan-based automobiles can shine through. We understand why you elected to purchase a Cadillac, and will do everything we can to keep it performing at a high level.
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