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When it comes to automobiles, there is undoubtedly a level of "intimidation" that prevents many from performing their own installations or replacements. And, while it's never a bad practice to let the "experts be the experts", in this case, we're referring to mechanics, there are several installations that even the most novice DIYer can perform in a matter of minutes. By finding the proper resources, you can save plenty of money taking care of smaller repairs on your own. The key is finding the necessary resources to facilitate the installation, having the right tools, and of course, having the motivation to do it!

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The Right Tools

A big misconception about auto repair is that it involves A LOT of tools. In truth, there are some repairs that will require torque wrenches or other specialty items that not every tool box has. However, most repairs require a couple of screwdrivers and a socket set! If you don't have a socket set, they can be found at any hardware store or automotive depot, and are quite reasonably priced. And, we assure you that when you have the basic tools and a willingness to use them on your vehicle, they will pay for themselves several times over.

Installation Guides

Knowing what to do when you open the vehicle's hood is an important part of do-it-yourself auto repair. Accessing repair information is as simple as accessing anything else, these days. From repair manuals sold in auto parts stores to the online resources that can be had through a variety of sites (including YouTube, parts distributor sites, etc.), you can easily locate the information needed to walk you through a repair. Once you have the steps in hand, installing the part is as simple as following them.

The next time your car or truck needs a head headlight assembly, blower motor, or alternator, remember that these repairs can be conducted in a short time span. Most of the "time consuming" nature of auto repairs stems from not knowing where to begin. With a bit of research and the proper tools, you can save yourself thousands on auto repair, and keep your vehicle performing just as it should.

Also, Remember...

...working on your vehicle is like any other skill or task - the more you do it, the better at it you'll get! As you become comfortable with making smaller repairs, your confidence will grow, and before you know it, you'll be helping your friends replace head gaskets... well, maybe you should just keep your auto prowess to yourself when you reach that point.

-The go-parts.com Team