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Dodge is a U.S.-based automaker that has long specialized in the delivery of SUVs, powerful trucks, and minivans. Initially established as a providing firm for parts and assemblies to Detroit automakers in 1900, the company was purchased by Chrysler in 1928. Chrysler did a fantastic job of positioning the brand throughout WW2, and the subsequent boom that followed carried Dodge into the future. While the vehicles were not known for their incredible style, mechanically, they were quite sound, which made them a solid choice for families seeking stability in an automobile.

In the 1950's the brand began taking a longer look at the appearance of their cars, which helped them to climb the ranks of US automakers. In 1953, the Red Ram Hemi helped to propel Dodge to new heights, and the Lancer marked the beginning of an era for the automaker.

Much like other American automakers, Dodge began dabbling in the racing circuit, and once wins began piling up, the awareness truly “exploded”, giving the organization more capital, which in turn, helped it to expand. Iconic cars such as the Charger would capture the hearts of “muscle car” enthusiasts everywhere, and the reemergence of the Charger in the 2000s has helped Dodge to recover nicely from Chrysler's struggles.


Dodge holds a reasonable stake in the global truck market, as the Dodge Ram is its most popular model. Carefully separating their car and truck campaigns has helped the brand divide its image. As the Charger and Magnum enjoy increased popularity, the Ram is able to enjoy individuality under the same moniker - a technique that has served the automaker well.

When you use Dodge vehicles properly (and by properly we mean revving them up and putting them to work!), you will notice some wear and tear. If parts are wearing out due to the abuse, turn to Go-Parts.com to find great pricing on the parts you need. Our customer service department has answers to your questions, and because we can expedite your shipping, you can order your parts, have them sent to your door, and have your Dodge back on the road faster than you can have it towed to a repair shop!

Dodge has been a mainstay in the American automotive industry, and because so many are still on the road, repairs are necessary. The brand remains one of our personal favorite when working under the hood, and once you see how easy they can be to work on, you'll agree!

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