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Dearborn, Michigan is the home to one of America's most iconic automobile manufacturers - Ford. The Ford Motor Company was developed by Henry Ford in 1903, and their release of the Model T remains one of the most important events in automotive history. By creating an assembly line technique that built on previously used techniques in manufacturing, Ford was able to create cars much faster than competitors. And, once the company consolidated parts into their own operation instead of ordering “out of house”, the fully-functional factories would give the brand control of the industry for decades.

Innovations such as the first removable cylinder head (Model T, 1908), safety windshields (Model A, 1930), a cost-effective V8 (1932), and the seat belt reminder light (1965), helped to power Ford's growth throughout the wartime era. While the vehicles were always popular, one of the most recognizable vehicles in history didn't roll off of the assembly line until 1964 - the Ford Mustang.

As the brand pushed into international markets, Jaguar and Aston Martin joined Ford's ranks, as the automaker began acquiring global brands to further its own endeavors. However, as the economic crisis cripple the global economy, Ford was hit hard, and its financial clout was reduced to rubble - for a time. A strong recovery is currently underway, and the brand continues to enjoy success both domestically and internationally.

Popular Models

Cars, trucks, and SUVs are all found under the Ford moniker. By creating cars in a variety of sizes, Ford can cater to nearly any automotive appetite. Smaller vehicles like the Fiesta and Focus offer low-cost, fuel-efficient cars to those on a budget. The Mustang, which still enjoys massive popularity, is Ford's flagship sports car, with the Taurus providing sedans for families and businesses across the globe.

The Explorer, Escape, and Exhibition are all popular SUVs, though interest in the larger Expedition has decreased due to rising fuel prices. Ford's truck line, which includes the popular Ranger and F-150 helped to keep the company afloat through economic downturns, and because fleet vehicles are offering up great sales opportunities today, the company is intent on continuing to expand offerings in that arena.

Go-Parts.com understands that a smooth ride is your primary goal, which is why we carry the parts you need to keep your Ford on the road. Whether you own a Mustang, Ranger, or F-150, we have the infrastructure in place to give you a great experience with every purchase.

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