2000-2005 Dodge Neon Front Marker Light Replacement

Tools required:
  • 8mm socket/ratchet

  • Flathead screwdriver (small)

Step 1: Lift the vehicle's hood.

Step 2: Remove the headlight by removing the retaining bolts, removing the assembly, and disconnecting the wiring harness.

NOTE: If you are replacing the parking light assembly due to damage or wear, it may be a great time to replace the headlight assemblies, as well. After all, you already have them disengaged and removed from your car!

Step 3: Disengage the retaining clip and remove the parking light assembly from the vehicle.

Step 4: Disconnect the wiring harness and fully remove the parking light from the vehicle.

Step 5: Connect the wiring harness to the back of your new parking light assembly.

Step 6: Secure the parking light into place by engaging the retaining clip.

Step 7: Reattach your headlight by reversing the removal steps.


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