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When Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa teamed up to establish the Honda brand in 1948, one can only imagine if they realized what their organization would become. Through a tenure that included high-ranking positions within Toyota, Japan's leading automaker, Soichiro Honda played a significant role in the company's WW2 efforts by creating important parts for the nation's Air Force. It was through the relationships cultivated through his time at Toyota that Honda eventually established his own organization.

Today, Honda is an automotive giant, pumping more internal combustions engines into the world than any other manufacturer. Trailing only Toyota in the Japanese automotive industry, Honda has a diversified operation, as they manage the Acura brand in addition to their own vehicles, while also maintaining their position of being the global leader in motorcycle manufacturing. Further, Honda is involved in robotics, lawn care equipment, and the aerospace industry, with the company's airplane engines becoming increasingly popular.

The company is also credited with establishing the V-TEC engine, which featured an incredibly efficient variable valve timing technology.

Popular Models

As nearly all other global automakers showed incredible decline during the economic downturn, Honda actually managed to see growth, given the company's reputation for delivering fuel-efficient automobiles. Models such as the Civic and Accord have helped to set the bar for coupes and sedans, as they are known for being incredibly durable. Many owners tout that you must only keep them “full of oil and water” to get the most from the models. Other models, such as the Prelude, enjoyed incredible popularity, despite being discontinued in 2001.

With hybrids dominating headlines, Honda has been sure to include the technology with their most popular model, the Civic. As gas prices continue to rise, the Civic Hybrid enjoys global popularity, largely in part because it doesn't have “the look” of a hybrid. Staying true to the original design helped to encourage owners to adopt the fuel-efficient technology.

Whether you own a CR-V, Civic, Accord, of even the sporty NSX, you can find the parts you need at Go-Parts.com. With an industry-leading interface and helpful customer care, getting the parts you seek has never been easier! We can expedite the shipping process. And, because all of our parts are backed by a lifetime limited warranty, there's never any risk involved with our products.

Honda's can last a lifetime when properly maintained. Find everything you need at Go-Parts.com!
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