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How do you Change, Replace, or Install Broken 1994-1997 Honda Accord Headlight Replacement

Fits Years: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
All Honda Accord Headlights for sale

Tools required:
  • 8mm socket/ratchet

  • 10mm socket/ratchet

  • T40 Torx bit/ratchet

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

Step 1: Remove the five 8mm bolts to free the front grille.

Step 2: Using the flathead screwdriver, depress the tab to remove the grille from the vehicle.

Step 3: Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the screw that is just behind the joint where the parking light meets the headlight. Disconnect the wiring harness and remove the parking light.

Step 4: Turn the "Phillips head clips" and remove the clips from the beneath where the parking light rests. There are 5 pins.

Step 5: Beneath the tire well, remove the bolts that hold the bumper cover in place, and remove it.

Step 6: Remove the Styrofoam bumper panel taped to the vehicle.

Step 7: Remove the 4 bolts that hold the metal bumper in place.

These are T40 screws, and when removed, the bumper can now be removed.

Step 8: Locate the 4 retaining bolts that hold the assembly in place. Two will be on top and two will be on the sides. Remove these bolts.

Step 9: Disconnect the electrical harness for the headlight assembly.

NOTE: If you ordered your headlight assembly from Go-Parts, you have a fully intact assembly, complete with new bulbs. However, if you are only interested in changing the bulbs, you can easily pull the bulbs from the back of the assembly. DO NOT touch them with your hands, though!

Step 10: Remove the grille retaining clip from the old headlight assembly using a flathead screwdriver.

Step 11: Detach the parking light from the old headlight assembly (unless you have a complete assembly).

Step 12: Attach the grille retaining clip and wiring harness to the new headlight assembly.

Step 13: Hand-tighten the retaining bolts that secure the new headlight assembly in place.

Step 14: Connect the wiring harness to the parking lights and snap them into place.

Step 15: Tighten the retaining bolts that secure the headlight's position.

Step 16: Replace the interior bumper, Styrofoam, and bumper cover.

Step 17: Replace the grille.

NOTE: You can adjust the headlight beams by using the adjustment screw that is on top of the assembly.

Please Note

While we are more than happy to create these installation guides for your benefit, we cannot maintain any liability regarding the part, or the driving experience, once the part has been replaced/installed. We always guarantee the quality of the parts we provide, but the installation liability rests solely on the installer.

And, though we are always here to answer your questions, please note that our technicians created these guides for your convenience, and cannot provide assistance beyond this guide.

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