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How do you Change, Replace, or Install Broken 1998-2000 Volvo S70 Front Door Panel (Interior) Replacement

Fits Years: 1998, 1999, 2000

Tools required:

  • T25 Torx Driver

  • 10mm wrench

  • Flathead screwdriver (small)

  • Door Panel Clip Tool (or putty knife)

Step 1: Using the 10mm wrench, disconnect the vehicle's negative battery cable.

Step 2: Pry and remove the screw cover (1) inside the interior door pull. Loosen and remove the T25 Torx screw (1).

Step 3: Pry and remove the interior door handle's bezel.

Step 4: Using the door panel clip tool (or putty knife), slide the tool between the panel and the door frame. Pry outward to separate the panel from the frame.

A series of retaining clips secures the door panel to the door frame. When you slide along, you'll feel a clip "“ when you do, pry outward. You will likely hear it "pop" as it disengages.

Step 5: You can now LIFT and remove the interior door panel from the frame.

Step 6: Disconnect the wiring harnesses (4) from the backside of the interior door panel.

Step 7: The door panel should now be completely free from the vehicle.

NOTE: If any retaining clips stayed with the door frame, pry them free and reattach them to the back of the interior door panel.

Step 8: To reattach the interior door panel, reconnect the wiring harnesses (4) and SLIDE the panel into position.

Step 9: With a FIRM (but not too firm) strike near each retaining clip, you should be able to "snap" them back into position, securing the panel to the door.

Step 10: From here, it's a matter of simply reversing the removal process.

Be sure to tighten the T25 Torx screw and reattach the interior door handle's bezel.

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