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How do you Change, Replace, or Install Broken 1998-2005 Volkswagen Beetle Headlight Replacement

Fits Years: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
All Volkswagen Beetle Headlights for sale

Tools required:

  • None

Step 1: Open the vehicle's hood.

Step 2: Disengage the retaining latch behind the headlight assembly.

Step 3: Depress the checkered square and lift on the lever to release it from the vehicle.

Step 4: You can now pull the headlight assembly from the vehicle.

Step 5: Disconnect the wiring harness from the back of the headlight assembly.

NOTE: If you purchased your replacement assembly from Go-Parts, it likely comes with new bulbs (as most of our models do)! If so, you can move on to installation. If not, you can easily push the retaining lever on the back of the assembly to release the bulb socket.

Step 6: Connect the wiring harness to the back of the new headlight assembly and insert it into the vehicle's chassis.

Step 7: Secure the headlight assembly in place by locking the latch/tab mechanism.

Be sure to lift the tab while inserting the headlight assembly. Use the alignment tabs as your guides to ensure proper installation. This step may take a few minutes, but it isn't overly difficult!

Step 8: Lock the final latch to secure the entire assembly.

These Part Change / Installation Instructions Apply to
05 2005, 04 2004, 03 2003, 02 2002, 01 2001, 00 2000, 99 1999, 98 1998 Volkswagen Beetle Headlight Replacement Instructions

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