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How do you Change, Replace, or Install Broken 1999-2004 Oldsmobile Alero Front Door Handle (Exterior) Replacement

Fits Years: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

Tools required:

  • 8mm wrench

  • 10mm socket/ratchet with extension

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Door Panel Clip Tool (or putty knife)

Step 1: Open the vehicle's door.

Step 2: Using the 8mm wrench, disconnect the vehicle's negative battery cable.

Step 3: Pry and remove the small trim panel just beneath the interior door pull.

Step 4: Loosen and remove the Phillips screws (2) exposed by removing the trim panel in Step 3.

Step 5: Pry and remove the trim panel near the side mirror mount. Disconnect the wiring harness (1), if necessary.

Step 6: Pry and remove the courtesy light reflector. Loosen and remove the Phillips screw (1).

Step 7: Using the door panel clip tool (or putty knife), pry and separate the door panel from the door frame.

A series of retaining clips secures the panel to the door frame. By sliding your tool between the panel and the frame, you can slide along until you feel one. When you do, pry outward. You should hear the clip "pop" as it disengages. Repeat this process around the edge of the entire panel.

Step 8: You can now LIFT and remove the interior door panel.

Step 9: Disconnect the wiring harnesses (4) from the back of the interior door panel.

Step 10: The door panel should now be completely free of the vehicle.

Step 11: GENTLY peel back the water shield. Be careful not to tear it, as we'll need to reattach it later!

Step 12: Disengage the retaining clip (1) that secures the locking rod to the BOTTOM of the exterior door handle.

Step 13: Disengage the retaining clip (1) near the bottom of the door panel that secures the locking rod to the frame.

Step 14: Loosen and remove the 10mm bolt (1) that secures the handle assembly to the door.

Step 15: You can now pull the door handle through the outside of the door frame. Pry and remove the locking rod from the back of the handle. Depress the retaining tabs (2) that secure the locking cylinder to the assembly. Transfer both the cylinder and locking rod to the new assembly.

Step 16: Move the handle into position. Secure it by tightening the 10mm bolt (1).

Step 17: Re-engage the retaining clips (2) to secure the locking rods to the handle and the frame.

Step 18: Reattach the water shield.

Step 19: To reattach the interior door panel, simply reverse the removal process.

Be sure to reconnect the wiring harnesses (4) to the back of the panel. You can then SLIDE it onto the door frame. With a FIRM (but not too firm) strike near each retaining clip, you should hear it "snap" back into place. Tighten all Phillips screws, and reattach all necessary trim panels.

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