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How do you Change, Replace, or Install 2000-2005 Chevrolet Impala Exterior Door Handle Replacement

Tools required:
  • T27 Torx Screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • 10mm socket/ratchet or wrench

  • Small flathead screwdriver

  • Door Panel Clip Tool or putty knife

  • Towel

Step 1: Remove the interior door panel from the vehicle.

You can quickly remove the door panel by removing the four retaining screws, disconnecting the wiring harness from the power windows panel, and pulling the interior door panel from the door frame.

Step 2: Gently remove the plastic water shield away from the door frame.

Be careful not to TEAR the plastic, as we'll need to reapply it when we're finished!

Step 3: Locate the two clips at the top and bottom of the interior handle rod. Disengage them from the handle rod.

Step 4: Disengage the locking mechanism.

By reaching into the door while simultaneously turning the key in the lock, you can disengage the locking mechanism.

Step 5: Using the 10mm socket with an extension, begin removing the retaining bolts that secure the exterior handle in place.

The bolts are located from the interior.

Step 6: Gently remove the exterior door handle by turning the key and pulling outward.

Step 7: Using the small screwdriver, remove the clip on the back of the exterior door handle.

Step 8: Attach the clip you just removed to the locking rod still inside the door.

Step 9: Insert your new door handle and snap it into place.

Step 10: Reattach the clip that secures the interior lever onto the door handle.

Step 11: Insert the latch rod and secure it into place with the two retaining clips.

Step 12: Tighten the retaining bolts that secure the door handle in place.

Step 13: Secure the clips again, as they may adjust while tightening the retaining bolts.

Step 14: Reattach the water shield.

Step 15: Reattach the interior door panel.

Please Note

While we are more than happy to create these installation guides for your benefit, we cannot maintain any liability regarding the part, or the driving experience, once the part has been replaced/installed. We always guarantee the quality of the parts we provide, but the installation liability rests solely on the installer.

And, though we are always here to answer your questions, please note that our technicians created these guides for your convenience, and cannot provide assistance beyond this guide.

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