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How do you Change, Replace, or Install Broken Dodge Durango, Dakota Front Axle CV Joint Replacement

Fits Years: 0

Tools required:

  • 14mm socket/ratchet

  • 32mm socket/ratchet

  • 19mm socket/ratchet or lug wrench

  • Pliers

  • Hammer

  • Torque Wrench

  • Jack and Stands

NOTE: In this process, you'll be exposing and removing the caliper and brake pad/rotor assembly, so if you need to change your pads/rotors, it may be the perfect opportunity!

Step 1: Remove the front tire and lift the vehicle.

Step 2: Dissemble the caliper/brake pad assembly.

To get more details regarding this process, you can learn more through our "brake pad replacement" tutorials. To keep the caliper out of your way while you work, secure it using a wire-tie or to the frame above.

Step 3: Using your pliers, remove the cotter pin from the center of your wheel base.

Once the cotter pin has been removed, you can remove the washer.

Step 4: Using the 32mm socket/ratchet, remove the hub nut.

If you do not have access to power equipment or an air compressor impact wrench, you may need to put the tire back on the vehicle, lower it, and use a breaker bar for better leverage. Remove the washer.

Step 5: Locate the 6 bolts that secure the wheel base to your axle.

When you spin the wheel base, you should be able to see the mount containing the 6 bolts spin.

Step 6: Begin loosening the 6 bolts (one at a time, of course) using your 14mm socket.

To accomplish this, use a crow bar and thread it between the lug nut stems, giving you a lever to hold it still (remember, it spins). Now, by pushing against the lever with one hand, you can pull in the opposite direction with the other, giving you the ability to keep everything still while loosening the nuts.

Step 7: With the axle unbolted, you can now pull the axle/CV joint from the vehicle.

This will take some maneuvering. Using the hammer, tap on the center of the hub to free the axle.

Step 8: Turn the wheel to face the wheel toward the inside of the car, and insert the new axle.

Step 9: Insert the 6 retaining bolts to secure the axle/CV in place.

You'll want to torque each bolt to 60 ft. lbs.

Step 10: Replace the washer and hub nut. Hand-tighten the hub nut.

NOTE: You'll be torqueing the hub nut once the vehicle is on the ground.

Step 11: Replace the rotor and brake system.

NOTE: Be sure to pump the test the brakes before taking the vehicle out for a road test!

Step 12: Replace the tire and lower the vehicle.

Step 13: Torque the hub nut to 175 ft. lbs.

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