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The word Infiniti often triggers images of luxury, as the Nissan-backed automaker specializes in sporty designs and incredible driver comforts. The brand was created by Nissan exclusively for the North American market in 1989, though it has now expanded on a global scale. Because Nissan enjoyed mainstream success as an affordable auto manufacturer, the company's top brass felt it prudent to create a new moniker for its luxury line. This decision was not unique, however, as other Japanese automakers (Honda, Toyota) were implementing their own rendition of the strategy.

Upon its initial arrival, the marketplace fell in love with the Q45 and M30 models, which closely resembled other Nissan releases. However, because of improved interior designs and consistent body-style evolutions, the brand was quickly distinguished from Nissan, which ultimately meant that the re-branding efforts had succeeded.

Doing what it could to combat the rising interest in Toyota's Lexus brand, Nissan continued to export their newly designed Infiniti models to the United States, making the moniker a leader in luxury sedans. Sports coupes entered the equation with the emergence of the now-popular G-Series, with the G35 leading the way.

Infiniti also used a popularity boost through Indy car racing participation, though the experiment was short lived, with the brand leaving the sport after only 6 years.

Popular Models

With G, M, EX, FX, QX56, and JX Series Infinitis currently available, the company continues to enjoy success in the North American market. With the sporty G Series catering to younger drivers and the QX SUV and JX crossovers catering to families, the brand has successfully broadened its target market.

Known for an incredibly smooth driving experience and luxury packages that exceed comfort expectations at nearly every turn, Infiniti has earned a reputation as being a quality automaker with some impressive designs.

Go-Parts.com understands that despite quality craftsmanship, particular systems in an Infiniti will wear down over time. This can lead to decreased performance and costly repairs. To avoid this contingency, Infinity replacement parts can help owners to nip problems in the bud before they develop into more serious issues.

A limited-lifetime warranty backs all of our replacement parts, and because we rely on stellar customer care to ensure that your experience is always a great one, you can use our platform with confidence. Expedited shipping and high-quality parts from respected industry manufacturers will keep your Infiniti running perfectly for years.
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