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Isuzu is an industrial automaker that is based in Tokyo, Japan. Established in 1916, the company quickly became one of the global leaders in the manufacturing of commercial and industrial vehicles. This niche has helped to keep the brand going despite some failures in the private driving market. With diesel engines at the forefront of the automaker's operational goals, GM and Nissan often feature the popular engines as an alternative to the gasoline standard.

While Isuzu had incredible success in the industrial sector, things never quite got off the ground in the passenger vehicle niche. Compacts were no longer available in the late ‘90s, and the company completely removed itself from any U.S. consumer activity in 2009. This should not, however, cause one to chalk these changes up to an inferior automobile. The company simply elected to continue its primary role as an industrial vehicle juggernaut, distributing their models across the globe.

Current Presence

Some models are still seen on the road today, as the Isuzu Rodeo, a mid-size SUV, and the ever-popular Trooper were built to last. Rugged in design and flaunting mechanical prowess honed from the company's experience with industrial trucking, the Rodeo and Trooper managed to capture the attention of consumers for a time. But, most Isuzu-branded vehicles seen today are designed for shipping, transporting, or hauling, a niche that the company continues to dominate.

Due to the working nature of Isuzu vehicles, repairs are going to be common. Stress is often put on the engine or transmission, given the immense size of many of the models, though the mechanical engineering expertise of the firm has helped to reduce many of these issues.

Commercial organizations and private owners alike can find Isuzu replacement parts easily by using our Go-Parts.com catalogue interface. By locating your model onsite, you can browse the replacement parts, finding everything you need to repair gaskets, cooling systems, exterior damages, and more. All of our parts are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring that your trucks stay on the road.

We understand that many businesses utilize Isuzu trucks, and without them, profits plummet. To keep you on the road and profitable, we offer expedited shipping, and our customer service representative are always ready to answer even your most complicated questions.

Isuzu's are great vehicles when properly maintained, and when your entire fleet or personal vehicles are performing perfectly, you can direct your attention elsewhere.
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