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With a history that showcases how wartime vehicles can enter the mainstream consumer market, Jeep is the oldest off-road vehicle provider in the industry. The United States Army was interested in developing an all-terrain 4x4 vehicle that could help speed up relocation times and improve mobility even when faced with rough landscapes. The Bantam BRC was introduced in the field, and the results noticed by the Allies brought the automaker national recognition. The first Jeeps were modified into a civilian offering in 1945, and the company is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio.

Now owned by the Chrysler Group LLC, Jeep has ties to several other automakers. Now defunct AMC (American Motors Corporation) purchased the company when it began to struggle in 1970. AMC then began experiencing difficulties of their own, and Daimler Chrysler purchased the company in 2007.

The brand stands as a staple in the Ohio manufacturing industry, and is a source of pride in Toledo.

Incredible Versatility

While the Jeep Cherokee became incredible popular in the SUV niche, the bulk of Jeep's popularity remains with the 4x4 off-road vehicles. With a suspension design that is easy to modify for a higher sitting “cab”, the Jeep Wrangler remains one of the most popular all-terrain vehicles on the market today. Though many other 4x4 designers have worked to modify axle technology, Jeep continues to deliver solid front and rear axles, which help to keep the vehicle stable when conquering rough conditions.

Also recognizable is the United States Postal Service's use of Jeeps for their deliverers. Used because of the close ties to the United States government, Jeep continues to enjoy success as both a service and private automaker.

Several variations on the Wrangler's design are currently on the market. With the Rubicon and Golden Eagle showcasing the same classic design, but offering improved luxury amenities, drivers can enjoy a solid ride with the added benefit that draws so many - removing the canvas roof and exposing the roll bar for an afternoon drive!

Go-Parts.com has a huge selection of Jeep replacement parts, as we understand that outdoor activities can often leave the vehicle battered. Because the vehicle is incredibly easy to work on (in our opinion), you can find everything you need to replace any mechanical parts or repair any cosmetic damage that may have occurred. A limited lifetime warranty backs every purchase you make through our platform, and with solid customer service with you every step of the way, you'll have a great experience, every time.
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