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Initially operating as a manufacturer of bicycle parts, the first automobile that carried the Kia name was released in 1974. The company did, however, create motorcycles and trucks in the decades leading up to the automobile's release. Located in Seoul, Korea, Kia is partnered with Hyundai, and the parent organization is known as the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. Hyundai acquired Kia when the automaker nearly “went under” due to financial distress in the region. Hyundai's purchase of the company was contested heavily by the efforts of Ford, who had been interested in the Kia brand for quite some time.

The United States began to see Kia models arrive on its shores in 1992, though the growth was slow and deliberate. Models such as the Sorento and the Sportage helped to fuel interest in the Korean automaker, and slowly but surely, more and more began to be seen on American highways.

Continued Expansion

Today, Kia is enjoying success in North America, as the Soul, a unique Scion-like vehicle, the Optima, and the Sorento continue to increase in popularity. Hybrids are also at the forefront of the brand's initiatives, as the Optima now features the popular engine-type.

Using modern styling and targeted marketing strategies, Kia has managed to improve their share in the under-30 driving market, as the Soul provides a laundry list of amenities that are popular with younger drivers. Integrating technology with styling that allows for modifications, the “boxy” model is currently surging. Meanwhile, the sporty sedans are continuing to do well, and Kia is gaining traction in North America.

Your driving style will significantly impact the wear and tear that your Kia experiences, however. Depending on the amount of stress you put on the engine and the conditions of the region you live in, particular parts can break, wear out, or simply fail. When this occurs, you can trust your car to Go-Parts.com, as we have a comprehensive listing of Kia replacement auto parts from reputable distributors.

All of our offerings are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and our customer service team is second-to-none. When you have questions or concerns, we can help you navigate the site, find the parts, you need, and have them shipping in a timeframe that is convenient for you.

The Kia brand is beginning to earn the respect of drivers across the globe - keep yours running perfectly, and you'll enjoy a sleek design and comfortable ride.
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