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Backed by Toyota and located in Nagoya, Japan, Lexus is the luxury line created by the Toyota Motor Corporation in 1989. Though the company is headquartered in Japan, the United States market is what ultimately prompted Toyota to offer up the luxurious line. In 1983, Toyota began experimenting with luxury sedans, and it took six years to release the Lexus LS. Since the initial release, the automaker has enjoyed incredible global acclaim, and the brand has grown from exclusively sedans to include coupes, convertibles, and SUVs.

The establishment of the Lexus brand coincided with the development of similar plans with Honda's Acura brand and Nissan's Infiniti moniker. As Toyota set out to develop luxury cars that they believed would change the industry, the design team in Japan received a visitor - this visitor noticed that the team was meticulously working to squeeze every ounce of “elegance” out of each design element. This led to the eventual slogan “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection”.

Popular Models

From the moment the LS400 debuted in 1989, U.S. drivers were smitten with the Lexus brand. 1991 brought the market the SC400 coupe, which added a sportier option to the luxury line. But, things really exploded when the late 1990's delivered the RX crossover SUVs, as they gave families the vehicles they had always wanted - a luxury SUV that still had the power and handling you'd expect from a Lexus.

Still incredibly popular today, Lexus announced the CT 200h in 2010, the automaker's first hatchback. This marked Lexus's desire to move into new markets and cater to younger drivers, as well. The sporty coupe showcases sleek styling and delivers all of the sports handling that the previous coupes exhibited.

Lexus remains the frontrunner in luxury automobiles, and because they are backed by Toyota, one of the largest automakers in the world, owners often rave about quality and longevity of each model purchased.

Keeping your Lexus running properly requires routine maintenance on several parts that may wear down over time. Go-Parts.com has everything you need to repair exterior or cosmetic damage or overhaul important mechanical systems. Because of the quality exhibited by Toyota and Lexus, keeping your vehicle operating perfectly can pay huge dividends for your vehicle's future prospects.

With stellar customer care and a limited lifetime warranty protecting all of your Go-Parts.com purchases, you can keep your Lexus on the road, protecting your investment for years to come.
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