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Operated by the Ford Motor Company, Lincoln is the company's luxury vehicle line based in the United States. Though the automaker has seen ebbs and flows in both production and interest over the years, American drivers can expect to see several new models over the next few years.

Lincoln began in 1915, when Henry M. Leland elected to start yet another automaker after seeing his initial Cadillac brand sold to General Motors. The factories were initially used to make airplane engines, and when the First World War concluded, the facilities were retrofitted to create automobiles. Named for Leland's hero, Abraham Lincoln, the goal was to create luxury automobiles for the emerging North American market. The Lincoln brand was purchased by Ford in 1922, and operated separately for 18 years before officially becoming a division of Henry Ford's conglomerate.

Popular Models

Classic cars are always going to generate interest, and it is hard to argue that Lincoln isn't among the top automakers in this regard. From the 1948 Lincoln H-Series sedan, a model that featured a powerful V12 engine, to the 1960 Lincoln Continental, these automobiles exude class when seen on the road today. However, finding them in great working condition may prove difficult for classic car enthusiasts.

Currently, there are five models available under the Lincoln banner: the MKS and MKZ sedans, the Navigator, one of the most luxurious SUVs available today, and the MKT and MKX crossovers. Though the lineup may seem limited, the next three years should unveil new models that Lincoln has been developing for some time.

Luxury automobiles are a niche market in North America, but that hasn't stopped Lincoln from making their presence felt for nearly a century. The model options may seem limited at the moment, but one could make a solid case for the great decision-making on the part of the automaker. After all, a company should do what they do well, and leave the experimentation to others. This is exactly what Lincoln appears to be doing.

Lincoln owners are often quite loyal to the brand, as the luxury and performance can be hard to beat. However, like all other models, things can break down over time. When they do, Go-Parts.com is here to help you find the parts you need at an affordable price. With a limited lifetime warranty on all purchases and a knowledgeable staff ready to field your questions, you can keep your Lincoln on the road, and continue to enjoy your luxurious automobile.
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