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The popular luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz is operated by Daimler AG, and has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. Everything began when the first petrol-powered automobile was created in 1886. Called the Benz Patent Motorwagen, Karl Benz's automobile drew quite a bit of attention, leading to rapid improvement and eventually kicking off the Daimler-Benz partnership that would later evolve into Mercedes-Benz. Their three-tipped emblem is arguably one of the most recognizable in the world to date.

The luxury automaker is often credited for furthering the use and efficiency of safety features, and because they have created vehicles that are incredibly reliable for more than a century, few companies can rival the industry-wide clout that the Mercedes brand has developed.

As the organization entered the 21st century, a partnership with McLaren Cars began to infuse the styling and technology of their Formula 1 racing vehicles, eventually leading to McLaren developing its own offering, the MP4-12C, which was released in 2011.

Style and Precision

Much like other international luxury automakers, Mercedes-Benz does not name its cars, but instead, simply denotes them with their “class”. A, B, C, CL, etc. are all classes that let the industry easily segment and differentiate their vehicles. From hatchbacks and luxury coupes to luxury sedans, SUVs, and industrial trucks, Mercedes-Benz leverages their experience and knowledge to create elite vehicles in nearly every class.

With releases in any automotive class in the world, Mercedes-Benz enjoys incredible popularity across the board. The Sedans are considered among the best available in the world, their coupes combine a sporty appearance and the level of luxury one would expect from Mercedes, and their SUV line combines the powerful technology they explore in their industrial endeavors and the comfort found in any of their other releases.

Finding an older Mercedes-Benz prowling the streets is not a difficult prospect, which speaks volumes about the quality of automobile that the company releases. However, this should not insinuate that regular maintenance isn't required…

Go-Parts.com has everything you need to keep your Mercedes in perfect condition, both mechanically and aesthetically. With Mercedes replacement parts that are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, you can replace key components with parts of similar quality without exhausting a budget. Our customer service staff is always on hand to assist you with any questions that may arise, and by working together, we can keep your Mercedes on the road and as luxurious as ever.
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