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In an attempt to offer up luxury automobiles at an affordable price, the Ford Motor Company established the Mercury brand in 1938 at the whim of Edsel Ford, the son of Ford's founder Henry. The goal was to add a third brand to the Ford family that already included Ford and Lincoln. And, because Fords were considered to be entry-level economy cars and Lincolns were designed to be the elite luxury brand, Mercury could fit nicely as the mid-range line of cars for the American automotive giant.

The Mercury line enjoyed some moderate success throughout the mid and late-1900's, however the brand has now been completely phased out by Ford. 2011 marked the final Mercury automobile's creation, though the company is quite clear that any vehicles purchased with warranty can still use any warrantied services necessary by simply bringing it to a Lincoln-Ford dealership.

Despite the lengthy existence, Mercury never truly discovered its identity in the North American market. Some cars would be marketed as performance vehicles, while others were touted as luxury automobiles. This ambiguity prevented the brand from succeeding as we have seen other automaker's luxury brands succeed, though the lengthy run is nothing to scoff at.

Popular Models

Mercury was sure to establish a single model for each niche in the automotive industry. With the Milan acting as the line's sedan, the Cougar as the sports coupe, the Grand Marquis as the luxury executive automobile, and the Mariner and Mountaineer offering an SUV rendition, Mercury seemingly had all bases covered.

Though the brand is no longer being created, there are still plenty of Mercury models on the road today. Because maintaining their operating quality is important given the phasing out of the brand, Mercury replacement parts will begin to become scarce. This is why it is the perfect time to make any necessary repairs, and Go-Parts.com has everything you need to get your Mercury back to perfect form.

All of our Mercury replacement parts are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and with expediting shipping available, you can have your parts delivered right to your front door quickly. Our customer care staff is available every step of the way to answer your questions and help you find the right parts for whichever Mercury model you currently own.

While the dissolution of Mercury seems to be the end of an era in American automobiles, the vehicles are sound and with proper maintenance, can last for several years.
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