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Considered to be an iconic automobile during the 1960's in Britain, the English-made Mini is the creation of Sir Alec Issigonis and was produced by the British Motor Corporation in 1959. The popular economy car was meant to maximize interior space while wasting no space under the hood. Some theorize that the vehicle was meant to be an alternative to German's popular Volkswagen Beetle, and the Mini enjoyed massive success in Europe and in North America. The Mini was produced from 1959-2000, with a special anniversary edition bringing the brand a new revival that currently continues.

When John Cooper, a long-time friend of Issigonis began discussing the Mini's potential as a rally car, several executives began to take notice. Though the vehicle's creator did not agree with his associate, the BMC certainly did, and the Mini Cooper was born. Though the Mini had only been in production for a couple of years at the time, the performance renditions were a huge success, and it helped to propel the brand to elite status.

The Resurgence

As we entered the 21st century, Mini Coopers were “reinvented” in a way, being featured in the popular remake of the film “The Italian Job”. Special editions that showcased the English flag, affectionately known as the “Union Jack” were a huge success, and before long, the resurgence was underway. Mini Coopers are still incredibly popular today, and with new expansions on the classic design available, the 4-door Countryman, for example, show that the automaker is not resting on its laurels.

The Mini Cooper is a compact, yet fun and sporty car. Because of its long, iconic history, it doesn't take much to generate interest in the newer models. As the offerings increase, so seemingly does the interest by consumers, which makes the popular coupe one of the more popular coupes in the industry.

Go-Parts.com has all of the Mini Cooper replacement parts you may need. With our easy-to-navigate online interface, exceptional customer service, and a limited lifetime warranty protecting every part you purchase from us, you can keep your Mini Cooper running perfectly for years to come.

At Go-Parts.com, we love automobiles. From the performance models to the hard-working industrial designs, anything related to automobiles piques our interest. We believe that it is this passion that has helped propel us into the upper echelon of the automotive industry - we're confident that once you use our service, you'll feel the same!
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