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Established in 1897 by Ransom E. Olds, Oldsmobile was the longest-tenured American automaker until the organization was dissolved permanently in 2004. Operated by General Motors for most of its existence, the luxury automaker fell victim to the U.S. economic crisis of the early 2000's, and GM felt that it was prudent to reallocate its resources. With this, Oldsmobile was relegated to the history books.

Founded in Lansing, Michigan, Oldsmobile was able to quickly generate interest by using the first high-volume gasoline engine. While many have credited Henry Ford with the invention of the assembly line, it was actually Olds that first used the technology. Once Olds left the automaker to pursue new endeavors in the industry elsewhere, Oldsmobile regrouped and relocated to Detroit.

The 1950's were good for the automaker, and their invention of the first automatic transition in the decade before helped to catapult them to new heights in the industry. As the nation moved into the 1970's the Olds Cutlass became the nation's top selling car, and the Oldsmobile moniker was only behind Ford and Chevrolet in national sales.

The End of an Era

With the Japanese automakers seizing control of the luxury market with the creation of new brands (Acura, Infiniti, and Lexus), Oldsmobile had lost its edge as the premiere luxury automobile. Even GM had begun exploring other options, as it was apparent that a shift was occurring in the industry, and it wouldn't be long before Oldsmobile was phased out permanently.

The automaker would continue to release new models until it was shutdown permanently in 2004. The Bravada was the final “new model” that would be released, though the next few years would showcase the Aurora sedan, the Alero compact, and the Silhouette minivan. Several of these models are still seen on roads today, with some of the classic Oldsmobile Cutlass' becoming collector's items for auto enthusiasts.

Go-Parts.com has parts for even phased out brands, and Oldsmobile is no different! Our clients enjoy the protection of a limited lifetime warranty on any mechanical auto parts or cosmetic additions such as new mirrors or headlights. And, because we believe that an auto parts provider should be able to assist in every way possible, we have a knowledgeable customer service staff that can answer any of your questions, help you set up shipping arrangements, and ensure that your parts are delivered to your front door in perfect condition!
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