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When Chrysler elected to enter the automotive market for low-priced vehicle options, it established the Plymouth automaker. Created in 1928, Plymouth was located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and the brand is credited with keeping Chrysler afloat during turbulent economic times. The 1930's saw the Great Depression hit the United States, and because of the economic woes of an entire nation, Plymouth flourished by being the low-cost alternative to many other brands. While many automakers were going bankrupt, Chrysler, with the help of Plymouth, was able to continue its expansion.

The brand gained the reputation of being a quality investment, as they were quite durable, and as the nation recovered, the visibility and prospects for Plymouth skyrocketed. As is seen with many “niche” automakers, Plymouth struggled to maintain its identity, and as we moved through the ‘70's and ‘80's, the brand had really fallen off.

Plymouth had become directly associated with its Voyager minivan line, a model that would serve the company well, though it would be the automaker's last stand. The brand's last existing model, the Neon, was eventually relegated to the Dodge moniker, with the eccentric, yet popular, Prowler becoming a Chrysler model. The Voyager followed the Prowler to Chrysler, and the final prototype, the PT Cruiser, eventually did the same. With the flurry of moves, the Plymouth moniker was buried for good.

An Aging Brand

Though the concepts and models of the Plymouth shield live on through Dodge and Chrysler, fewer and fewer Plymouths are being seen on the road today. Though they were always built quite well, and could withstand some serious highway mileage, they are inevitably aging. Those that still own one of the brand's sedans or minivans should take great care in consistently checking vital systems and maintaining the overall appearance, as the parts are becoming difficult to find.

However, Go-Parts.com has a wide array of Plymouth replacement auto parts that can help you preserve a piece of history. Browsing our listings can help you find the parts you need. Through our helpful interface and with the assistance of our customer service team, should you see fit, you can easily have the parts shipped to your front door, making it the easiest way to purchase replacement parts.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, all Go-Parts.com automotive parts are sure to give you the quality you need to keep your soon-to-be “classic Plymouth” operating perfectly.

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