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General Motors, as it seemingly did often, established the Pontiac brand in 1926, with aspirations of creating a make that it could pair with the General Motors' Oakland. However, what the automaker didn't expect was that Pontiac, in just seven short years, would overtake the Oakland brand, and would later become one of Chevrolet's companion makes. Relegated almost exclusively to North America, Pontiac became GM's “performance” brand, and because it was on the lower end of the price scale, the population fully embraced the Pontiac name.

Though Pontiac had existed previously as a Wagon Works organization in 1899, the automaker did not see much mainstream success until GM took over operations. With a series of couples and convertible sedans through the 1950's Pontiac had established itself as one of the elite discount automakers in North America.

The Bonneville, a popular model released near the end of the 1950's remains a collectible car today, and the Tempest, one of Pontiac's most acclaimed models, one the Motor Trend “Car of the Year” in 1961. And, while the economy sedans were seeing massive success, it wasn't until 1969 when arguably Pontiac's greatest achievement rolled off of assembly lines: the GTO. With the Firebird hitting the market only two years prior, Pontiac had again repositioned its brand with new styling and impressive mechanical brawn.

But, as the industry moved through the turbulent ‘80s and into the ‘90s, it was apparent that the booms were a thing of the past. With a struggling lineup and much more competition in the “affordable” niche, Pontiac's sales began to plummet. In a last-ditch effort to regain their industry dominance, Pontiac attempted to re-create the GTO in 2004. While there was some interest from car enthusiasts, the market never really showed much interest.

Pontiac Closes Permanently

With struggling sales and a market that was wholly uninterested in the current Pontiac lineup, the automaker closed its doors for good in 2010. General Motors was faced with a decision - eliminate either the Pontiac brand or the GMC truck brand. Obviously, Pontiac lost.

Despite the demise of the Pontiac name, several automobiles from the storied automaker are still on roads everywhere. Go-Parts.com is committed to delivering any Pontiac replacement auto parts you need to help your vehicle last for as long as possible. With our helpful staff solidly in place, and a limited lifetime warranty backing all of our part options, you can get the parts you need quickly, without any of the hassle!
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