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Originating in Sweden, Saab Automobile AB developed aerospace technology for the nation's defenses throughout the early portion of the company's existence. In 1945, the company began tinkering with automobile development, and the Saab 92 was born. The initial release wasn't available to the public until 1949, though the brand's popularity didn't escalate until the 1968 merger with Scania-Vabis, the vehicles were well-respected locally, and it was apparent that Saab was on the right track. Nearly a decade later, the Saab 900 was released, and the model immediately caught on in the region.

As with many automakers, General Motors took an interest in Saab's offerings, and elected to sink $600 million dollars into the organization. General Motors took full control of the Saab brand in 2000, and later sold it to Spyker Cars N.V. in 2010.

While Saab has enjoyed moderate success in the international marketplace, the brand has enjoyed little more than a niche consumer market. When General Motors was finally able to revive slumping sales in 1995, it was the first time the organization had turned a profit in more than 7 years.

Popular Models

The Saab 900 is one of the brand's iconic models, though the Fiat helped to generate global interest in the automaker. The popular coupe joined forces with Saab in 1978, and the same technology that helped Fiat elevate its international status was now doing the same for Saab. The 9-5, which would later be tabbed as the 9-3, eventually replaced the Saab 900, though it would not gain the amount of respect and traction that the popular 900 model did.

Future Prospects

Saab continues to release automobiles, though the turbulent industry has brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy on several occasions. The latest Saab 9-5 showcases an incredible design, though consumers are hesitant, given the quality deterioration that occurred throughout GM's tenure as the managing company.

While the organization has developed some intriguing designs, such as the Aero-X that was unveiled in 2006 as a concept car, the Saab design remains quite similar to previous renditions. The automaker's reputation as offering quality vehicles is slowly being repaired, as the brand's design teams begin to get a bit more daring.

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