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When the Japanese automakers began creating subsidiary brands to offer up their models to new segments of the American market, General Motors felt that it should do the same - in 1985, Saturn was born. By using the slogan “a different kind of car company”, the goal was to offer up compact alternatives to some of the growing Nissan, Honda, and Toyota models. The name is derived from the code name of the project, and after two years of deliberation, the company became official.

There were several fans of the automaker upon its arrival in the marketplace, but many were skeptical. Because all of the systems were newly designed, there was fear that the vehicles would be unreliable. And, while consumers did like the Saturn brand, there was an issue that GM did not foresee: their buyers were doing so to replace their GM models. The goal was to cut into other automakers' profits, but instead, Saturn was actually cutting into GM's sales.

The S-Series and L-Series were popular through the 1990's, and the automaker eventually began making the Vue, which was an SUV crossover, and the Relay, a minivan. In probably their most ambitious design in the brief Saturn history, the designers created the Sky, a sporty roadster that ran for 3 years.

The Short-Lived Automaker

In 2009, General Motors elected to close the Saturn brand permanently, after a potential sale to Penske fell through. Saturn, which had made good on their promise to create reasonably priced automobiles that offered some level of reliability, did not quite catch on as GM had hoped. Its disappearance from the auto industry was quiet, and to many, unnoticeable.

Like any make that has been discontinued, vehicles will still be seen on the road for quite some time. However, as we move farther away from the final production year, maintenance becomes much more important, as some of the parts may become difficult to find.

Go-Parts.com has a variety of Saturn replacement auto parts to help drivers keep their vehicles in great condition and preserve their mechanical integrity for years to come. With a helpful customer service department, expedited shipping, and a limited lifetime warranty protecting all parts purchased through our interface, Go-Parts.com has everything Saturn owners need to keep their vehicles running perfectly and preventing break-downs which can be difficult to remedy.

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