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As Generation Y began reaching driving age, Toyota felt it prudent to establish an automaker that would cater to the interests of younger drivers. In 2002, the auto juggernaut created Scion, a brand that would capture the attention of Gen Y consumers and give them what they wanted most: a sleekly designed automobile that they could modify in a variety of ways. The gamble appears to have paid off, as Scion continues to gain traction in the North American market.

Not nationally available until 2004, Scion does not showcase a large model lineup. Instead, the automaker elected to stay quite specific with their offerings. With only 4 models currently available, Scion relies on the consumer's ability to “create their own Scion”, a sales technique that is paying huge dividends.

The compact iQ, the sporty FR-5, the tC coupe, boxy xB, and xD sedan have all helped to expand interest in the technological automaker. By including many technological advancements that interest younger consumers, such as Bluetooth and HD Stereo interfaces, the brand has helped Toyota capture yet another segment of the North American auto market.

Pricing that Younger Consumers Appreciate

The popularity of the Scion moniker is also helped by an initiative called “Pure Price”. As many new drivers are making their first “new car” purchase, they do not understand how several fees can get tacked on during the sales process. To circumvent this and prevent any confusion, Scion posts the actual price that a consumer will pay, keeping the costs consistent and eliminating the negotiation process.

Accessories are a huge part of the Scion model's design, which is why all of the models are designed to make room for aftermarket modifications. This exhibits Toyota's desire to stay true to goal of the creating the new automaker, and Scion owners are often proud of their “own creations”, which usually occur shortly after the vehicle is purchased.

Go-Parts.com has a large selection of Scion replacement auto parts or accessories, which can help you keep your car looking as though you just drove it off of the lot. With helpful customer service and a limited lifetime warranty on all parts purchased, you can have your orders shipped directly to you, helping to alleviate the hassle of searching several parts depots for the items you need or having to endure expensive mark-ups by retail auto parts providers.

Trust your Scion to Go-Parts.com - thousands of Scion owners already do!
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