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Originating as an aircraft manufacturer in Japan during WW2, the Nakajima Aircraft Company, the post-war rearrangement of corporations led Fuji Heavy Industries to assume control of the automobile operations of the segmented organization. The Subaru brand, as we know it today, was introduced in 1954.

Kenji Kita, Fuji's CEO, was interested in delving into the automotive industry. In 1968, Nissan would take a stake in the automaker, with GM following closely behind. Despite having shares dispersed among several automakers, Fuji Heavy Industries still owns the Japanese automaker, which specializes in AWD vehicles. The logo, which exhibits the vehicle name's origin, the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster, features six stars - a symbol of the six organizations that came together to establish Fuji Heavy Industries.

Today, Toyota does have an operating stake in Subaru, though the automotive giant is only a minority shareholder.

Model Evolution

Through the 1970's, Subaru was known for small vehicles, though they provided some unique perks for those interested in taking their vehicles into rougher terrains. The Rex and Sambar saw moderate success, but the automaker felt that it was time to create larger passenger vehicles, as well. This led to the Leone, and eventually, the Legacy, which is one of their most recognizable vehicles.

It wasn't until the brand utilized the voice of Paul Hogan of “Crocodile Dundee” fame that the brand really began to take hold. The Subaru Outback was a niche vehicle that was depicted as a rugged outdoor “Sport Utility Wagon”, and it quickly became the vehicle of choice for drivers interested in enjoying the benefits of a rugged SUV without all of the fuel inefficiency.

With a strong hold in rally motorsports, Subaru has been able to showcase their vehicles' unique abilities on challenging terrain. Even today, by using proper positioning and interesting ad campaigns, the creators of the “SUW” have managed to retain their market share, as the niche is simply too difficult for others to challenge. Today, the automaker continues to develop their unique vehicles, and it exploring diesel engines and potentially “green” technologies.

Go-Parts.com understands that a Subaru is often exposed to some harsh conditions. After all, they're incredibly fun to drive and can handle environments that most vehicles cannot. We have the Subaru replacement auto parts you need to keep your automobiles operating perfectly. With incredible customer care and a limited lifetime warranty solidly in place, you can easily find the parts you need to stay on the road…or the off-road, as it may be.
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