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When Michio Suzuki expanded his silk operation to include automobiles in 1937, the beginning of an era was underway. Though Japan halted small-vehicle production during the Second World War to reallocate resources, the company never lost sight of their automotive goals. Once the silk and cotton industries began to suffer in 1951, Suzuki began considering re-entering the automotive industry. The evolution toward gas-powered engines began with small, clip-on bicycle engines; the concepts eventually evolved to motorcycles, and of course, passenger vehicles.

The Suzuki Motor Corporation is based in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, and continues to enjoy global success as the creators of cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and marine motors. This diversification has allows the company to flourish in a variety of ways, and Suzuki holds the #2 spot for Japanese small cars and trucks.

The organization has had great success in rally sports, as well as their latest endeavor of moving into the India market with their high-performance compacts. The Suzuki Alto has enjoyed incredible success in the region, and though the North American presence seems small when compared to other Japanese automakers, there is little doubt that the brand will continue to flourish.

Popular Models

One of the most noticeable Suzuki models in North America is the Sidekick. With a surge of sales in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, the model has been reinvented with a modern look to entice shoppers to consider the sporty SUV crossover as an alternative to other, bulkier SUV options. Though the vehicle has been re-branded on several occasions, the Sidekick has inspired the newly designed X-90 - a compact SUV with unique styling and a modern feel.

Suzuki has always been sure to hold suspension performance and unique styling above all else when designing their cars, crossovers, and motorcycles. This has helped the automaker to enjoy lasting success, despite the company's diverse lineup.

Go-Parts.com has all of the Suzuki replacement auto parts you need to keep your vehicle in prime condition. From the replacement of headlights, side mirrors, and running lights to mechanical considerations like cooling systems and alternators, our premium auto parts can be the difference between extending the life of your vehicle and shopping for another.

We back all of your orders with a limited lifetime warranty. And, because we believe that your experience is a direct reflection on our organization, our customer care division is always on hand and ready to help you tackle the tough questions.
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