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Terms & Conditions

Customers are asked to make sure to review the full policies below before contacting go-parts.com. When submitting an order with Go-Part, you will be required to accept these terms and policies.

Terms & Conditions
By placing an order over the phone, you authorize Go-Part to create you an account on Go-Part.com

Go-Part.com does not enter into verbal contracts under any circumstance. All contracts in regards to but not limited to: warranties, sales, returns, delivery, etc. must be entered into in writing so that there is a written date stamped verifiable paper trail. The employees of Go-Part.com are required to put everything in writing. Failure by customers to obtain any contract or agreement in writing will make such contracts null and void.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Once an order is placed, the price is locked in. If the customer can find a lower price, customer needs to request a price match (with proof of the lower price) before an item is ordered. In the case of seeing a lower price tag of a part elsewhere, please be mindful of the warranty, support, terms, and shipping rates of that company. Many companies will offer a low price but will give no warranty, no phone and chat support, harsh returns policies, and surprise last-minute shipping rates.

Go-Part.com is not responsible for buyer's error. For all orders that are placed over the phone, it is entirely the customer's responsibility to ensure that the part they ordered is in fact the correct part.

We may require copies of the credit card being used (front & back) and a valid photo ID of the cardholder in situations involving orders placed with a foreign-based bank credit card, orders where the shipping address differs from the billing address, and/or with orders shipping out of the U.S. These must be submitted via fax, or through email. A copy of ID and credit card may also be required if your order is flagged as a fraud risk by our payment system. Failure to provide ID & card verification upon request will result in cancellation of the order and applicable cancellation fees.

Go-Part.com does not accept packages that are sent COD (Cash on Deliver).

A $30.00 fee will be assessed on all returned checks and credit card charge-backs lost by customer.

If a customer places an order and then afterwards cancels their order, the customer is subject to a 15% cancellation fee. A processed order is one where a credit card has been charged. Orders that are cancelled after already having been packaged are subject to a 25% restock fee and full freight charges. This includes items that have not yet left our facilities.

For all orders, we always ship to the shipping address you specify. If the courier returns the package to us due to your act of providing an insufficient or incorrect address, the order will be refunded, excluding restocking and freight fees for both ways. If the customer does not request to have the packaged delivered with the need for signature, customer agrees to be entirely liable for non-receipt of package. Go-Part.com assumes no responsibility for items shipped without a customer’s request to signature requirement upon receipt of package.

Shipping & handling charges are not refunded if a part is returned due to customer error.

If the destination address of an order is an apartment and the resident is not readily available upon the time of delivery to receive the part from the shipping company, the shipping company will deliver the order to the office of the apartment manager.

Go-Part.com does not claim responsibility for the time it takes the shipping company to deliver the buyer's order. Delays are beyond Go-Part.com’s control once the order has been given to the shipper. Go-Part.com does not ship on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays. All delivery times are quoted in business days. The day of shipping is not considered a transit day. Go-Part.com does not guarantee the time of day the item will be delivered.

For orders with express shipping to be sent out the same day, you must place your order before 1:30 PM PST. Any orders with express shipping placed after 1:30 PM PST will be shipped out the next business day.

On international orders, items may have an additional handling fee based on size and or weight. If the order is subject to this type of freight fee, the customer will be emailed for approval prior to shipment of your order. Failure to approve the surcharge will result in cancellation of the order. Freight will only be refunded if Go-Part.com ships a damaged or incorrect item. This includes air freight, dimensional freight, customs fees, and return shipping charges. The shipping cutoff time for shipping is 4 P.M. PST. The day of shipping is not considered a transit day.

If you refuse your order for any reason other than damage, a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. All orders that are refused will be subject to shipping and handling charges both ways. NO EXCEPTIONS. To ensure you receive proper credit, we must be informed of all refusals within 24 hours. If a customer refuses Go-Part's package from FedEx or the package isn't successfully delivered to the customer, the customer is liable to pay the refused shipping and handling fee from FedEx, regardless of the original shipping fee stated on the customer's invoice.

If the ordered item/s arrives damaged at the time of delivery, the customer must make the delivery company note it on the bill of lading or signature pad. If the damage is not visible at the time of delivery customer must first make sure to retain all shipping supplies for the item. Failure to retain packing material will result in a warranty or return not being allowed.

The customer must notify both Go-Part.com and the delivery company of the damage within 5 days of receiving the package. Go-Part.com will not accept damage freight notifications after this time period. All damage notifications must be in writing by email or via fax. Installation of a damaged part voids any and all warranties expressed or implied. If the customer purchases a replacement elsewhere rather than allowing Go-Part.com the opportunity to ship a replacement, the customer will not receive a refund of any freight charges and will be subject to restocking fee.

The customer is responsible for inspecting the part upon arrival. If you have received an incorrect part, you must notify us within 5 business days of receiving the incorrect part so we can replace it. No exceptions. If Go-Part.com ships the incorrect part, Go-Part.com reserves the right to send a replacement part to rectify the situation. Customer may not install an incorrect part. Doing so will null and void any and all warranties express or implied. You will not be able to return an incorrect item for an exchange if it has been installed. Customer may also not return a part that is found to be incorrect if the customer has painted or altered the part in any way.

If there is a problem with an installed part that falls under warranty, customers should contact the returns department via email at Returns@Go-Part.com within 5 days of noticing the problem. Customers may not continue to use the part in need of warranty. If customer decides to continue using the part, the warranty will be null and void, no exceptions. If customer decides on their own to replace the defective item elsewhere, the return, even with an issued warranty, will be subject to restocking fees.

Warranty terms are for replacement of the part only. If a replacement is not available to ship within 15 business days of warranty notification, Go-Part.com offers the customer an option to cancel without incurring cancellation fees. If the part under warranty is no longer available in the same style, customer will be provided with the newer style. Warranty items are shipped by the same means as the original order at the customer’s shipping expense. If the customer wishes to upgrade the shipping on a warranty item to a faster method, customers are responsible for the additional freight charges. Once the item is shipped, no changes can be made to the shipping address that the customer provided us.

All returns must have an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) or they will not be accepted. An RMA can be obtained by clicking here. The RMA number must be written on the space that is provided with the customer’s original shipping box.

No returns are allowed after 14 days of receiving products. Refunds for returns are issued once we receive the part. Items purchased that are either not needed, or no longer needed are not returnable for a refund after the initial allowed return period. This includes but is not limited to: gifts, parts for vehicles that have been sold or damaged, and parts ordered in error. Warranty terms are for exchange only. Items returned without an RMA number will be held in warehouse, and no credit will be given. If the buyer wants the part back at this point, buyer will have to arrange return shipping.

If a returned part violates any of the terms and conditions, it may be subject to refusal or a restocking fee deemed necessary by Go-Part. There is a 25% restocking fee on all allowed returned merchandise unless being returned for warranty. There is a 10% restocking fee on all items returned for exchange.

The minimum restocking fee that Go-Part will charge on any returned item, excluding those returned under a warranty, is five dollars.

All authorized returns must be returned via traceable means (e.g. Fed-Ex, UPS, USPS w/tracking in place) to ensure their safe return. Go-Part.com recommends you insure your return. The customer is responsible for the safe return of the product. If a return arrives damaged, not in original packaging, or missing items, Go-Part.com will hold the product and all packing materials for 30 days for the freight companies’ inspection. It is the customer’s responsibility as the shipper to file a claim with the freight company. It is Go-Part.com’s responsibility as the receiver to notify the freight company of items that arrive damaged. The customer will not receive credit or an exchange if the returned item is damaged in transit back to us.

All returns must be in the same condition as when received. They must be in the original packaging, exactly the way we sent it. DO NOT SCRIBBLE OUT OR TARNISH THE PART NUMBERS. Installed items can only be returned for a warranty exchange in the case of manufacturer defect. Go-Part.com will charge the customer for replacement of damaged, altered, missing, written-on, or taped-on contents or cartons. If that box is tarnished with added writing or markings, a re-boxing fee will be imposed. For radiators, condensers, and fans, the fee is ten dollars. For every other part, the fee is five dollars. Go-Part.com has the right to either refuse the return or contact the customer to work towards a resolution. If shipping back lamps that were covered with a protective plastic sheet, make sure to cover them before shipping them back. Lens scratches are considered damage and will void any attempted return.

Products labeled on the website as OEM-Brand or OEM-Style are manufactured by the original brand manufacturers (Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, etc) and are not aftermarket brand. These products are subject to a 40% restocking fee and must be returned within 14 days of delivery. No credit will be issued for these items if they are returned after 14 days of delivery. If returned without authorization, customer can have an authorized carrier pick up their returned items within 30 days of us receiving it.

Go-Part offers discount coupons for students and faculty of specific universities/colleges. If a customer wishes to use a discount code, Go-Part reserves the right to request that the customer provides a valid school identification card that verifies the customers' current association with the school, either as a student or faculty member. If the customer cannot provide the needed verification, the customer can choose to either cancel the order, in which cancellation fees will incur, or pay the original price of the part.

For some orders, it may take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for the payment to settle. This is due to the fact that Go-Part's system must verify that the customer's billing information matches the customer's shipping information.

For orders in which the total amount owed is $100.00 or more, If the customer places an order and the billing address does not match the shipping address, then the order may be shipped with signature confirmation. In this case, the customer authorizes a FedEx charge.

If the customer does not request to have the package delivered with the need for signature, the customer agrees to be entirely liable for non-receipt of package. Go-Part.com assumes no responsibility for items shipped without a customer's request to signature requirement upon receipt of package. Orders with a total cost of over $150 and/or that include any OEM parts may require additional insurance costs to be payed, in addition to a signature confirmation upon delivery.
Warranty Disclaimer
Warranties are for replacement of the product(s) only. This (replacement) is determined by go-parts.com at their sole discretion. Warranty length is determined by the manufacturer. The warranty begins on the original date of purchase. In the rare event you need to make a warranty claim, customer will need to email Returns@go-parts.com. To make a warranty claim go-parts.com requires you keep the order number. The order number will be required if you make a warranty claim, no exceptions. Warranty claims are not handled verbally for any reason. go-parts.com can not send a replacement unit before the defective item is received or a deposit is provided. Our warranty does NOT cover the any of the following:
- Shipping for any reason
- Items installed on a vehicle different from the intended application.
- Labor, towing, rentals, storage, legal fees or lost wages under any circumstance.
- Parts that have been altered, abused or over heated
- Light bulbs included with light assemblies
- Parts that have not been properly installed or maintained.
- Parts that are used for racing purposes.
- Parts used on commercial vehicles
go-parts.com attempts to be as accurate as possible. However, go-parts.com does not warrant that product descriptions, images, pricing, or other contents of this site are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. If a product offered by on the go-parts.com website is not as described, the customer’'s sole remedy is to return it; unused, uninstalled, and in its original condition within 30 days of purchase. Installation of an incorrect item voids any and all warranties or return options.

Warranties are non transferable. go-parts.com will replace any product listed with a lifetime warranty, which is returned prepaid with an RMA, when it has been determined by go-parts.com at its sole discretion, that the product has failed due to defective materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover failure due to improper installation, maintenance, misuse, abuse, unauthorized repairs, modifications, alteration, freight charges, cost of removal, cost of replacement, losses due to downtime of the vehicle, normal wear and tear, and/or any subsequent or consequential damages. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties and/or representations expressed or implied, including, without limitations, warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose and all other liabilities, including special or consequential damages, in connection with the sale or use of any product from go-parts.com. Any warranties implied by law are limited in duration to the duration of this warranty except in those states where prohibited by law.

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