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From the moment the first Volvo OV 4 rolled off of assembly lines in 1927, it was apparent that the Volvo brand would have industry-wide staying power. Based in Sweden and headquartered in Gothenburg, the automaker has long been known as a quality car manufacturer and made a name for itself early given the harsh climate of the region. Because Sweden can be quite cold, and the driving conditions incredibly brutal, designers knew that they had to create a model that could withstand the elements and still last for years. Thus, the Volvo brand was underway, and despite safety concerns based on rumors in the 1940's, it managed to flourish given their incredible durability.

Also known for the Mack Truck line, Volvo has successfully diversified its offerings, to include industrial vehicles, as well. Featuring the same craftsmanship that brought the brand global popularity, the diverse lineup enjoys continued success today.

Though the sedan line is considered to be among the mid-level luxury automobiles in the marketplace, Volvo has struggled at times throughout its history. Sold to Ford in 1999, and then again to Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in 2010, the Volvo Group reacquired the brand and absorbed the Nissan Diesel moniker, which has helped the organization expand further into the industrial market.

Popular Models

The S80, a luxury sedan, is Volvo's best-selling model, as it combines quality craftsmanship with luxurious amenities. The sedans and coupes that Volvo releases are heralded as being some of the safest automobiles on the road, making them popular with families across the globe.

With durability at the forefront of its design strategy, Volvo delivers automobiles that can last much longer than other brands. Created to withstand incredibly brutal driving conditions, many North American owners see their vehicles last for decades, which makes them a popular choice in tough economic times.

Standard wear and tear will still wreak havoc on your Volvo, unless of course, you take great care in maintaining crucial elements in the engine's design. Cooling systems are essential for keeping the engine in perfect running order. Go-Parts.com has all of the Volvo replacement parts necessary to help your sedan maximize its life expectancy. A limited lifetime warranty and dedicated customer care team help to protect your investment and keep your Volvo on the road.

When it comes to automobiles, few can be considered a true “investment”. However, when it comes to Volvo, the lengthy life span can help you save time and money, provided that you care for the vehicle properly!
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01 2001 Volvo S80 Signal Light
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