About Go-Parts:

Go-Parts is a leading nationwide retailer of auto parts. Go-Parts was founded after a group of "car guys" and "computer guys" (us) realized how hard and costly it was to find good parts online. With this we set out to create the perfect buying experience for people looking for parts. To ensure that you receive the highest quality parts and service, our staff consists of ASE-certified technicians and SAE members. Go-Parts is dedicated to diversity in the workplace.

The Go-Parts website was designed to make buying parts as clear and easy as possible. A state-of-the-art search system leads the customer straight to the parts they need. All product information is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Here at Go-Parts we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the fastest shipping, the most reliable customer service, and as an official CAPA distributor, the highest quality auto parts in the market today.