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2013 Used Car Buying Guide

So, it’s 2013...

With the new presents already losing their luster and a bevy of resolutions to attempt to keep (for at least a few weeks), you’re considering getting a different car, huh? Why not? It’s a new year, it’s a time of renewal…we like your style! But, before you head out to buy your next automobile, remember that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about purchasing a used car.

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These days, buying a used car is a completely difference experience than it was 20 years ago. With dealerships implementing “Certified Used” programs, and even including warranties on these vehicles, the prospect of finding a reliable used car has significantly improved. However, unless you know exactly what to look for, you could find yourself with a used, non-warranty protected vehicle that leaves you high and dry, wondering why you got rid of your old car in the first place!

Know the Warning Signs

When you are searching for a used car, it’s important to know the warning signs of repairs that the vehicle requires in order to function properly. Now, we aren’t the kind of people to warn about monsters under the bed, but if you’re buying from someone who knows what they’re doing, they can disguise SERIOUS issues quite well. Arm yourself with information. Check out these resource links focused on detecting warning signs before you sign the dotted line:

Asking the Right Questions

Now that we know how to spot some warning signs of a potential auto disaster, it’s time to discuss the question and answer part of the sales process. Look, we all have “people reading” abilities, whether we realize it or not, but some salesmen out there can be pretty shifty. This is why you have to ask the RIGHT questions about the vehicle, and know when you’re receiving a QUALITY answer. For starters, if a seller is brushing off your questions, and trying too hard to close the deal too quickly, walk away! Trust us on this. While sometimes you may be walking away from a solid deal, 95% of the time, you just saved yourself a huge headache with a car of questionable mechanical integrity!

Review these resources to be sure that you’re asking the right questions BEFORE you buy:

We recommend reviewing these questions, making a list of specific points that are important to you, and then setting out on your buying trip. You’ll know when you get a questionable answer…trust your instincts, and do not waver from your resolve. After all, there are an awful lot of sellers, so take your time, ask these questions, and don’t take a “brush off” as an answer.

The End Result

There isn’t much we can do to GUARANTEE that you get a great used car. However, by heeding the information contained in this segment, you can be sure that you’ve done your own due diligence toward learning more about the vehicle’s history. If you have a local mechanic that you trust, ask the seller if you can have the vehicle checked out by your mechanic. If they refuse, you can likely chalk up the vehicle as “damaged goods”. If they accept, then you can get all of the information you need from an automotive professional, giving you the information necessary to make an educated decision.

Happy shopping everyone, and remember that the only difference between a buying a quality used car and buying a clunker is the questions and assessments made before the deal is done!


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