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Avoiding the Frustration of Traffic Citations

Avoiding the Frustration of Traffic Citations

Traffic citations are one of the most frustrating experiences involved in car ownership. While it’s obvious that collisions are truly the bane of our driving existence, citations can be irritating, costly, and…did we mention costly? We did? Well, it’s worth mentioning again. Oh, and they’re costly.


All kidding aside, looking into your rear-view mirror to see flashing lights is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. What did you do? Were you speeding? Did you hit a traffic cone? Any number of things can lead to a citation, but rest assured, you won’t see the officer walking to your front window to ask for your license and registration just because he or she wants to say “Hello”.

With this in mind, we felt it’d be prudent to outline some of the most commonly issued traffic citations, what you can do to avoid them, and how you can ultimately make the roads a safer place while saving yourself plenty of money. After all, the fine isn’t the only monetary penalty involved in a traffic ticket…the insurance premium increase is usually far, far worse…

Most Common Traffic Violations


We know…you recently bought that minivan and simply can’t help but “open it up” on the local freeways. But, if you have the NEED FOR SPEED, maybe you should trying taking the ol’ Aerostar down to the local track.
Did you know that speeding can triple your chances of being in an accident? With this in mind, check out AAA’s informative resource about speeding:

Red Light Violations

Red lights have gotten tricky, over the years, as some states have begun using automated systems that can deliver your citation in the mail. Trust us, it isn’t a fun experience. And, with so many drivers on mobile devices and tinkering with tablets while on the road (despite the efforts of law enforcement), trying to “make the light” isn’t as sound a venture as it seems at the time.

Citations abound for those running red lights or STOP signs, so be sure that you take your extra few moments, wait for the light, and get on your way. We aren’t your personal Jiminy Cricket, here…we just don’t want you getting a ticket or T-boning us!

Here are a few resources regarding traffic light citations:

Failing Light Assemblies

Damaged headlights, tail lights, or turn signals are a huge “red flag” to officers while on the road. It actually exhibits a couple of dynamics: 1) you do not maintain your car properly, and 2) if you don’t maintain your car, have you maintained your license and insurance? This situation can cause you a headache, though the citations are not the most expensive. Instead, you’ll likely have to prove that you’ve resolved the issue with a trip to traffic court to avoid an increased fine. It’s a definite headache that you’ll want to avoid.

Though the state law may vary on the handling of such issues, it’s always a sound practice to check, maintain, and repair (when necessary) any lighting assemblies that require it.

Learn more here:

While Driving Under the Influence isn’t on our list here, it is also one of the most commonly issued tickets. And, when considering the ramifications that such a violation can have on the drivers around you, it is, without a doubt, the most dangerous. That topic will likely be tackled in our next segment, so for now, we’ll just leave you with a warning – don’t do it!

But, if all else fails...

Check out this great video about how to talk your way out of a speeding ticket:

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NOTE – this video is satirical. We are not responsible for your receiving multiple tickets from using these techniques!

Traffic citations are viewed in a variety of ways. Some will remind us that they are there to ensure that streets stay safe for other drivers. Others will mention how they are just revenue builders for the city. Regardless of your stance on the subject, citations are issued every day, so be sure that you aren’t making one of the most common mistakes that could lead you to being the next lucky recipient!!



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