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How You Can Get the Most from your Next Tank of Gas

Everywhere we look today, we hear about rising fuel prices, a sluggish economy, and of course, how you can save money in some aspect of your driving experience. From car insurance to fuel economy, there isn’t anything we WON’T try, right? Well, we aren’t insurance agents, so don’t expect a whole lot of help from us there…but, we are car guys (and gals)! In other words, we think we can help you find some tips to get the most from your next tank of gas. Will that help you solve the financial crisis? Nope. Will it help you feel better about spending $60 on a tank of gas? Nope.

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But, it will definitely help you stretch your next fill-up for at least a couple of extra driving hours…

So, without further ado, we give you this week’s guide – a guide to softening the blow at the pump!

Pre-Gaming It

How often do we really think about our vehicles when we aren’t in them? While some of us may have an unhealthy obsession (not naming names, here), it’s unlikely that we really consider our vehicles until we’re behind the wheel. However, did you know that this could be costing you precious fuel? From regular tune-ups to tire pressure, several things can be done BEFORE you take to the road to ensure that you are maximizing fuel efficiency.

The following links are some great resources on the subject:

Driving Habits

We know…you just can’t get enough of flying down the freeway in your 1982 Datsun. After all, the power and precision handling of such an impressive machine represent the pinnacle of modern engineering, and shouldn’t be wasted!

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Seriously, your driving habits could be costing you at the pump. Whether you own the Datsun mentioned above (which happens to be a great vehicle, mind you…because it was all we could afford at 16) or have the latest McLaren, you may be killing your fuel efficiency by simply being an aggressive driver. Did you know that driving 65 mph instead of 75 mph on the freeway can increase fuel efficiency by 20%? You didn’t? Well, then you’d better check out these resources:

We aren’t here to tell you how to drive. In fact, I, for one, irritate my (lady) friends with my aggressive driving style. However, if you want to save money when at the pump, use the resources above to cut back on the amount of fuel your gas guzzling Pinto is using. In doing so, you can easily save yourself 20% on your fuel budget for the year. Additionally, how much money will you save in traffic tickets over the course of the same year?

See, we’re always looking out for you. Keep it safe, everyone, and start paying attention to that fuel economy!

For more information about fuel economy, check out this great video from Video Jug:



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