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How do you Change, Replace, or Install Broken 1995-1999 Chevrolet, GMC Vortec 5700 Engine Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement

Fits years: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

All Chevrolet Suburban for sale Tools required:

  • 12mm socket/ratchet with extension

  • T15 Torx Driver

  • T20 Torx Driver

Step 1: Open the vehicle's hood.

Step 2: Disengage the retaining clips (2) that secure the air box cover to the assembly.

Step 3: Disconnect the wiring harness (1) from the underside of the air box. Disconnect the wiring harness (1) on top of the assembly.

Step 4: Disconnect the vacuum hose from the side of the air intake hose. Loosen and remove the 12mm bolt (1) that secures the intake assembly to the TOP of the engine.

Step 5: You can now remove the air intake assembly from the vehicle.

Step 6: Chevrolet labeled the numbers of each cylinder on the distributor cap (how nice of them!). Using a wax pencil or marker, write the corresponding number on each spark plug wire. This ensures that we won't get them mixed up when attaching them to the new distributor cap!

NOTE: If your particular cap doesn't have numbers for some reason, simply label the caps (old and new) with numbers, and match those numbers with the wires. The numbers don't matter in relation to the cylinders for our purposes here. Instead, we just want to be sure that we have the right cables to the right connection on the distributor.

Step 7: Twist and remove the spark plug cables from the distributor cap.

Step 8: Loosen and remove the T20 Torx screws (2) that secure the distributor to the vehicle. You can now lift and remove the distributor cap.

Step 9: Loosen and remove the T15 Torx screws (2) that secure the rotor to the vehicle. You can now lift and remove the rotor.

Be sure to note which way the rotor's contact is pointing. We'll want to mount the new rotor in the same position!

Step 10: Mount the new rotor by tightening the T15 Torx screws (2). Be sure that the contact is pointing in the same direction as the old one!

Step 11: Mount the new distributor cap by tightening the T20 Torx screws (2).

Step 12: Attach the spark plug wires to the distributor using the numbering system we implemented in Step 6:

Step 13: Reattach the air intake assembly. Connect the wiring harnesses (2), and reattach the air box cover.
These Part Change / Installation Instructions Apply to:

95 1995, 96 1996, 97 1997, 98 1998, 99 1999 Chevrolet Suburban Replacement Instructions

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