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How do you Change, Replace, or Install Broken 1996-2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Upper Radiator Hose Replacement

Fits years: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

All Pontiac Grand Prix for sale Tools required:

  • Pliers

  • 13mm wrench/socket

  • Radiator fluid

Step 1: Remove the 3 bracing bar running diagonally across your engine area.

These bolts are 13mm in size, so use the wrench or socket to remove them.

Step 2: Remove the coolant line.

Step 3: Using a pair of pliers, remove the two clamps that secure the upper radiator hose in place.

NOTE: While you are performing this task, it may be a good time to drain and replace the coolant in the vehicle. If you have recently done so, simply use a "catch pan" to capture the leaking coolant, and replace it once the task is finished.

Step 4: Remove the hose.

This may take a bit of pulling, as the hose is under immense pressure and heat throughout the daily use of the vehicle.

Step 5: Clean the connection ends with a dry towel and wire brush.

This helps to remove the particulates that accumulate over time.

Step 6: Using the pliers, put the two clamps on the hose itself, and move it into place.

Step 7: Once the hose is in place, you can use the pliers to secure the hose by moving the circular clamps onto the connection areas.

Step 8: Top off your coolant reservoir with anti-freeze, and replace the coolant line.

Step 9: Replace the bracing bar.
These Part Change / Installation Instructions Apply to:

96 1996, 97 1997, 98 1998, 99 1999, 00 2000, 01 2001, 02 2002, 03 2003, 04 2004, 05 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Replacement Instructions

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