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How do you Change, Replace, or Install Broken 2001-2003 Chrysler Town & Country Tail Light Assembly Replacement

Fits years: 2001, 2002, 2003

All Chrysler Town & Country Tail Lights for sale Tools Required:
  • Pliers

  • Flat-head Screwdriver

Step 1: Remove the two holding knobs by pulling them out with the Pliers.

Step 2: Remove the light casing, which will now easily pull away from the vehicle with the holding knobs removed.

However, be sure to support the light as you separate it from the vehicle, as it will only be attached by the wiring at this point.

Step 3: Separate the wiring harness to fully remove the light casing from the vehicle.

Simply use the flathead screwdriver to open the RED locking mechanism located on the wiring harness. Using your thumb, press down on the release tab and pull the plug out of the wiring harness, fully separating the lighting fixture from the vehicle.

Step 4: Transfer the bulbs to the new lighting fixture.

The two tabs on the sides of each bulb can be pinched inward, and the bulb will easily pull from the socket. Remove the protective material from the new light assembly's socket and push the bulb into the new light casing's socket.

NOTE: DO NOT TOUCH THE BULB GLASS WITH YOUR FINGERS! Always hold it by the casing that surrounds the bulb.

Repeat this step with all 3 bulbs.

Step 5: Plug the wiring harness into the new tail light assembly, securing the connection by closing the RED locking tab.

Step 6: Attach the tail light assembly to the vehicle.

Be sure that the tab on the outer portion of the tail light fits securely into the slot in the vehicle's frame. With the tail light fixture now in place, finish the procedure by replacing the two locking tabs, securely positioning the fixture to the vehicle.
These Part Change / Installation Instructions Apply to:

01 2001, 02 2002, 03 2003 Chrysler Town & Country Tail Lights Replacement Instructions

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