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How do you Change, Replace, or Install Broken 2002-2006 Honda CR-V Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Fits years: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

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Step 1: Open the vehicle's glove compartment.

Step 2: Release the retaining tabs (2) on either side of the glove compartment to release the door/box from the dashboard.

These clips are released by depressing the tab and pulling the retaining pin from the assembly. The glove compartment will remain connected at the BOTTOM, but swing down, exposing the air filter assembly.

Step 3: Release the retaining tab (1) that hold the cabin air filter cover to the dashboard.

Step 4: You can now remove the cabin air filters (2) from the vehicle.

NOTE: You can pull the first air filter from the assembly, but must slide the tab on the bottom of the casing to the LEFT to remove the second one.

Step 5: Remove both filters from the plastic trays.

Step 6: Insert the new air filters (2) into the plastic trays.

NOTE: Be sure that the arrows are pointing DOWN when they are inserted into the trays.

Step 7: Insert the cabin air filter trays (2) into the assembly.

Step 8: Reattach the cabin air filter door, and secure it by re-engaging the retaining tab (1).

Step 9: Reattach the glove compartment by re-engaging the retaining clips (2).
These Part Change / Installation Instructions Apply to:

02 2002, 03 2003, 04 2004, 05 2005, 06 2006 Honda CR-V Cabin Air Filters Replacement Instructions

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