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How do you Change, Replace, or Install Broken Pontiac Grand Prix, Chevrolet Impala Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

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All Pontiac Grand Prix for sale Tools required:

  • 19mm socket

  • 13mm (3/8 drive) socket with extension

  • Screwdriver

  • 32-35mm socket

  • Torque Wrench (85-95 lbs.)

  • Jack/Stands

  • Rubber Mallet

  • Penetrating Oil

Step 1: Raise the vehicle and remove the tire.

Step 2: Remove the 3 bolts that hold the wheel hub in place.

The hub should slide straight out from the mount. During this step, you will also have to remove the brake system, as it will be in your way. Information about this procedure is available in our "Replacing Brake Pads" segment.

Step 3: Apply penetrating oil to the bolts to assist future removal. (Optional)

Step 4: Slide the bearing into place.

Be sure that the wiring harness has passed through the hub properly, and is positioned near the bottom.

Step 5: Tighten the hub's retaining bolts with your fingers to hold the bearing in place.

Step 6: Torque the retaining bolts with your Torque Wrench (65 ft. lbs.).

It may be easier to reach the bolts by turning your car's steering wheel, allowing for more access room.

Step 7: Replace the rotor and caliper system. (If torqueing, you'll want to tighten to 75 ft. lbs.)

NOTE: If you haven't considered it already, this is a great time to replace the rotors or brake pads, as the entire system will be dismantled throughout the bearing replacement process!

Step 8: Clip the harness back onto the bracket, and reconnect the ABS harness connection.

Step 9: Use the large socket to torque the central bolt.

Torque to 90 ft. lbs., and then torque it to 90 ft. lbs. again.

Step 10: Replace the tire and lug nuts.
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